Be Seen - NYL Select 2022

Friday, July 31st, 2020

Be Seen - NYL Select 2022

Yesterday, we profiled the players in the New York Lightning Select’s 2021 class. The roster features a pair of prospects in the class of 2022 as well though in Peter Carey and Tommy Mooney

As we said yesterday, Carey just might be the biggest sleeper in all of New England, but that certainly won’t last. It takes about two minutes to see the size, fluidity, and athleticism that make him a very rare long-term prospect. The comparisons to a young Josh Sharma aren’t just inevitable, but they’re justified as well. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that Carey will be an immediate impact player in Class AAA of the NEPSAC next year, as he has to build up his body, develop his game, and adjust to an unprecedented level of competition. But it does mean that if he dedicates himself to the game and truly falls in love with it, there aren’t a whole lot of rising juniors in New England that can match his long-term ceiling. 


The other rising junior on the NYL Select roster is Tommy Mooney and although he may not jump out at anyone quite like Carey does, he’s nonetheless a talented young prospect with a well-rounded tool set as he’s pretty quick with a good fundamental base to his game and a solid shooting stroke. 

Overall, Jesse Shapiro has built up arguably the most recruitable New York Lightning Select team in program history, but equally impressive is that there is yet another u17 team fill of college prospects under the program’s umbrella, this one being coached by longtime Master’s School head coach Tobias Ceasar. 

There’s a pair of big men on this roster that college coaches are going to want to familiarize themselves with sooner rather than later. 

Elija Muhammed is a 6-foot-11 rising from Eagle Academy in New York. He’s still raw and just learning the game but he’s long and athletic with the type of raw tools that can’t be taught. 

Findlay Sheridan is a 15-year-old rising junior who attends Calhoun School in New York. The 6-foot-8 big man has a good frame and some early versatility to his skill-set that make him a very intriguing long-term prospect for someone his age and size. 

While the big men may be the first prospects that catch your eye on this roster, there’s also plenty of firepower on the perimeter, including a couple that will be joining the NEPSAC for the upcoming year. 

Sharif Nelson is an attacking leading guard who reportedly led the PSAL in assists this past season while starring for Cardozo High School. He’ll join Millbrook’s program next year though where his speed, quickness, strength, and playmaking ability on both ends of the floor should all be put to good use. 

Ben Chasin is a 6-foot-4 wing who will be attending Northfield Mount Hermon next year and joining the class of 2022. In addition to his solid perimeter size, Chasin also has a terrific stroke from behind the three-point line that headlines a well-rounded skill set. 

Another highly skilled shot-maker is Alex Halpern, who stars at Bronx Science in New York. Halpern is a very high academic prospect with a heady floor game and a virtually pure release on his jumper.
The best prospect in the backcourt though may be Michael Bowman, a 2022 guard from Scholars Academy (NY) who has physical gifts and early skills alike. Bowman shoots it well from the perimeter, snaps his passes, but also has good length and a strong build to take advantage of in the coming years. 

From top to bottom, the New York Lightning Select program more than exceeded our expectations. They had not one, but two, teams full of college prospects. Virtually everyone on the roster was a good student and there were prospects in the gym for every level of college basketball, ranging from high-major division I to high-academic division III.