2022 Rankings Risers

Thursday, November 5th, 2020

2022 Rankings Risers

Updated rankings have been long overdue to say the least. 

However, we’ve never ranked on reputation alone, and so it didn’t seem right to update rankings until we had a chance to get back on the road. 

While the Be Seen Tour has had us back on the road since late July, we still haven’t been able to check on everyone just yet, and certainly haven’t seen all the new faces to the region. 

Just as we did with the class of 2021, we're not going to do a full-fledged re-rankings in the class of 2022, but will make the modifications that have become clear during our recent travels. 

That means, that we’re not moving down anyone we haven’t seen yet, only moving up those who have made a clear jump. That list includes prospects like Woodstock's Dashon Gittens, Brewster's Reed Bailey, Weston's Sawyer Mayhugh, Wilbraham's Matt Filipowski, Beaver Country Day's Chris Rey, Central Catholic's Xavier McKenzie, NMH's Rowan Brumbaugh, Middletown's Elijah Wilborn, and Andover's Aidan Cammann among others. 

We’re also not yet including new players to the region, since we haven’t been able to see all of them just yet. 

So, consider this an updated version of New England’s best returning prospects in the class of 2022, with updated links below, and stay tuned to the site for the release of our Elite 75 Frosh/Soph before the first of the year. 

New England Class of 2022

Connecticut Class of 2022 

Maine Class of 2022

Massachusetts Class of 2022

New Hampshire Class of 2022

Rhode Island Class of 2022

Vermont Class of 2022