Super 16 Showcase – Event Preview | Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Super 16 Showcase – Event Preview

Many of New England’s best AAU programs will be on hand for the Super 16 Showcase on Tuesday.  But they will not be alone, as the invite only event has also attracted some of the top programs from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  The local teams in action will include the New England Playaz, Expressions Elite, Connecticut Basketball Club, MBR, Metro Boston, Rhode Island Hawks, Connecticut Hoopstars, Boston Warriors, Lone Wolf, Connecticut Flame, Connecticut Basketball Academy, Bay State Magic, and Boston Soldiers. 

The out of town clubs will include: Upstate Basketball with high major prospects Dane Miller and Brandon Triche; the New Jersey Cyclones and their wide variety of division I prospects; New York Elite with 7’5” center Ring Ayeul; the Westchester Hawks featuring mid-major prospect Ralph Watts; Brooklyn United and their talented roster, and the Philadelphia Patriots with two teams of impressive student-athletes. 

There will be a wide variety of prospects from New England at the event including:  Erik Murphy, Nadir Tharpe, Gabe Kindred, Preye Preboye, Jordan Williams, Austin Carroll, Nate Lubick, Dartaye Ruffin, Matt Gibson, Danquah Rawlins, Brian Johnson, Akeem Williams, Peter Lynch, Scott Anderson, Brendan Rollins, Nicco Demasco, Alex Levine, LaQuan Mendenhall, Brandon Sherod, Adrian Satchell, Doug Soutar, Jeremy Moore, Shawn Holley, Dominique Langston, Steven Samuels, Daryl McCoy, Ryan Dulaire, Philip Gaetano, Steven Glowiak, Denzel Jones, Luke Matarazzo, Rashad Moore, Will Tye, Darius Watson, Jevon Williams, Danny Lawhorn, Alec Giusti, Joe Sindelar, Zach Russo, Tyler Burkhart, Tucker Esborn, Matt Stone, Jefferson Lora, Greg Jacques, Luke Apfeld, Mike Marra, Kyle Casey, Tucker Halpern, Kellen Cade, Ben Crenca, Derek Retos, Ryan Romich, Tyler Strange, Billy Soriano, Tyler Olander, Joe OShea, Rod Odom, Clancy Rugg, Michael LaPlante, Ashton Watkins, D.J. Campbell, Jon Goldberg, Mark Comstock, Nick Meunier, Thomas Knight, Keegan Hyland, Jay Freeman, Shabazz Napier, Ike Azutam, Brian Grossman, Jerome Cohen, Chris Flores, Sarkie Ampin, Demitry Coronell, Willie Lyons, Ndubisi Ezeigwe, Mario Monroe, Tyrus Weaver, Jared Johnson, Alex Murphy, Mike Carter-Williams, Canaan Severin, Pucci Angel, Alex Berthiaume, Tony Dolphin, Chris Fitzgerald, Sam Martin, Andrew McCarthy, Tim McKinney, Greg Newton, Theodore Boyomo, Alex Francis, Josh Turner, and Lenzie Harrison

Games will begin at 2pm and will begin every 90 minutes with the last set tipping off at 9:30pm.