RI Breakers College Showcase – Event Recap

Tim Kindlon | Monday, September 21st, 2009

RI Breakers College Showcase – Event Recap

Nearly 60 players from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the Breakers home state of Rhode Island gathered in Foxborough, MA and participated in the showcase style event. As is common with many events of this type, the ball was predominantly in the hands of playmaking guards. They did not disappoint as several division III coaches looked on. Below is a list of the players that shined throughout the day

Class of 2010

Jordan Rezendes, 6’0, Wareham HS (MA): Scored in high volume. Displayed a tough mid range game by continuously beating his man on the arc and pulling up off the dribble. As the day continued and defenders retreated and sagged off, Resendez showed off a consistent 3 point stroke.

Danny Majchrzak, 5’10, East Lyme HS (CT): This natural point guard did a great job sharing the ball all day. His vision and feel for the game created countless opportunities for others. Majchrzak used his tight handle to get into the lane and dish to teammates ready to catch and shoot on the perimeter.

Jordan Jones, 6’2, Classical HS (RI): Strong wing that was crafty with ball in his hands. Doesn’t overwhelm defenders with athleticism but has a nice shot fake and jab series and really plays at his own speed. Continuously beat defenders going to the rim and knocked down long jumpers.

Frank Robinson, 6’3, Putman Science Academy (CT): Used his length and athleticism to score at the rim in transition. When Robinson was found leaking ahead on the wing, it was an automatic two points as he finished in traffic all day. At the same time played very under control, never forcing anything. Very active on the other end as well, twice pinning the ball on the board as a defender in transition.

Darren Gray, 6’0, Wareham HS (MA): Gray showed off a nice feel and floor game throughout the day. Found the open man after penetrating and created his own shot off the dribble. Very dangerous with the ball in his hands, as he can shoot it off the bounce going to his right and left. 

Class of 2010

Tom Doyle, 6’1, Notre Dame HS (CT): Wing that really impressed with his ability to do a little of everything. Scored on the move with a number of short jumpers and showed off good range. Solid basketball IQ, seemed to be in the right spot and often made the extra pass.

Norman Diamanate, 5’10, Ponagansett HS (RI): Like all good shooters, Norman is “shot ready” at all times. The guard had his feet set and a target for the passer every time the ball was penetrated. It paid off as he was able to show off his shooting mechanics and knock down jumpers consistently throughout the day.

Jules Tavares, 6’2, Wareham HS (MA): Tavares easily had the most impressive day. His incredible athleticism was apparent when one particular dunk (he had a few) nearly stopped the games on both courts. However it wasn’t just the highlights that impressed. Tavares is very dangerous with the ball in his hands, as defenders appear to be backpedaling the entire time they’re guarding him. With that room he was able to knock down many jumpers off the bounce. Displayed an explosive first step and would finish above the rim or look to dish on the penetration.

Jared Fay, 6’3, Brimmer & May (MA): Jared played very well all day. Skilled wing that uses his long frame to create match up problems for smaller defenders on the perimeter. Was a threat to catch and shoot over defenders from long range.

Class of 2012

Rob Hazard, 5’10, North Kingson (RI): Hazard did a great job scoring in the lane with a number of short jumpers and floaters. Was able to break down his defender and create his own shot. Also appears to have the tools to be a lockdown on the ball defender.

Cesar Mejia, 6’3, St. Raphael Academy (RI): Pure scorer who has the ability to make difficult shots. Took the ball baseline in the half court and finished with contact. Also made several difficult pull up jumpers stopping on a dime in transition.

Jake Fay, 6’3, Brimmer & May (MA): Much like his brother, Jared(mentioned above), Jake has an impressive skill set. He can knock down shots behind the arc and also finished well around the rim. It is clear in watching the smooth release and mechanics on their jump shots, these two have spent some time in the gym together.