One on One with Erik Murphy. | Sunday, October 14th, 2007

One on One with Erik Murphy.

A few days after talking with St. Mark’s super sophomore Nate Lubick, the New England Recruiting Report spoke with Erik Murphy in the second of a two part series. 

NERR – First of all, how is the leg feeling?  

Erik Murphy – It’s good.  100% better. 

NERR – Now when did you first get injured and what exactly happened? 

Erik Murphy – Well in the spring, right before Bob Gibbons [Tournament of Champions], I twisted it pretty bad.  They told me to stay off it until the beginning of July.  Then in July I was playing pick-up and someone fell on it and gave it a bone bruise. 

NERR – And how long did that keep you out of action? 

Erik Murphy – I got back on the court at the end of August, but everything was over by then. 

NERR – So are you back to full speed yet? 

Erik Murphy – The knee is definitely 100%, but I’m still getting used to playing with the brace, and I’m still getting my wind back too. 

NERR – How much pressure did you feel before your workout a couple of weeks ago, since this was the only time coaches had seen you play in the last six months? 

Erik Murphy – Well even though I didn’t play in July, I was used to it [playing in front of coaches] from the spring.  So I didn’t feel too much pressure.  I thought it was exciting actually. 

NERR – How do you think you played that day? 

Erik Murphy – I played alright.  I definitely could have played better but I know that one day doesn’t determine everything. 

NERR – Who did you have scholarship offers from before that day? 

Erik Murphy – BC, Virginia, Marquette, Florida, and Syracuse

NERR – How about since the workout? 

Erik Murphy – Ohio State and Michigan have offered.  Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, UConn, and some others have told Coach Lubick that they are offering, but I haven’t heard it from them so I don’t count those. 

NERR – So are you still expanding your list or are you trying to cut it down? 

Erik Murphy – I would like to cut it to 8 before the season starts. 

NERR – And then what will the process be from there? 

Erik Murphy – I will try to visit as many as I can.  But it is tough because we have school on Saturdays and are required to be here on a lot of weekends too. 

NERR – Do you have any timetable yet? 

Erik Murphy – I’m going to try and take some officials during my senior year.  But anything can happen if I feel comfortable earlier.  

NERR – In the last year you have made the three-point shot a consistent part of your repertoire.  Is there anything else you are anxious to show coaches? 

Erik Murphy – Well I am much stronger and more explosive now.  But the thing I’m most worried about is making sure they all know the knee doesn’t bother me and there are no problems with that at all. 

NERR – How about the upcoming season at St. Mark’s?  You must be excited. 

Erik Murphy – Definitely…we should have a good season.  We’re pretty young.  We only have one senior.  But we have a lot of talent.  Dave Johnson is going to be real important.  He may be small, but I don’t think I have ever played with a point guard who has his vision. 

NERR – Do you have any individual goals for the season? 

Erik Murphy – My only goal and hopefully everyone’s goal on the team is to win the NEPSAC.  That’s my personal goal; to be a leader and to make sure nothing like what happened against Lawrence (St. Mark’s lost to Lawrence Academy in last year’s NEPSAC Class C Finals) happens again. 

NERR – So you guys are looking forward to having another shot at Lawrence?     

Erik Murphy – Definitely, I was down at URI with Nate and a bunch of other guys for midnight madness and Stevie [Mejia] was there, and so we were talking about that game a lot.  It will be a good game when we play this year, but I don’t think they have anyone who can stop me or Nate. 

NERR – Have you given any thought to playing with Nate after your high school career? 

Erik Murphy – We talk about it once in a while, but it is tough because we’re in different classes.  We’ll definitely talk about it more.  It could happen if it is a good situation for both of us. 

NERR – Well Erik thanks for taking the time to talk with us tonight and good luck this season. 

Erik Murphy – Thank you.