New England HS Invitational - Event Recap

Tim Kindlum | Monday, November 2nd, 2009

New England HS Invitational - Event Recap

Twenty-four teams from the New England area packed the gym hoping to get another good run before the fast approaching season. With several college coaches in attendance, here is a look at some of the individuals that caught our attention:

Kuran Iverson, Northwest Catholic HS (CT) 2013 - Unlimited potential as a freshman. With great length and a huge wingspan, Iverson possesses perimeter skills. Can handle and get by off the dribble at 6’7, creating scoring opportunities for others of finishing himself. Very dangerous in the open court, tries to dunk everything.

Mike Fraylon, Weavor HS (CT) 2011 - Wing with good size(6’3), that showed off great range all day. Like most good shooters, Fraylon is not afraid to let it fly, and knocked down several big 3’s off the catch.

Evan Kelly, Norwalk HS (CT) 2010 - Kelly showed off a nice mid range game, hitting a number of jumpers off the dribble. Creates scoring chances off a solid shot fake and ability to shoot off the bounce going right or left. Very impressive day for the senior from Connecticut.

Antonio Jones, Boson English (MA) 2010 - Scored at a good clip all day. Most effective when attacking the rim and when getting out in transition. Hit several big shots in Saturday afternoon game.

Ellis Cooper, Northampton (MA) 2010 - Another impressive day for the Northampton senior. Scored in a variety of ways, using strength to finish in traffic and stepped out to 15 ft knocking down jumpers. Cooper can defend every position on the court and competes on every possession.

Mitch Amelio, Wilbraham and Monson (MA) 2010 - Skilled wing with high IQ. Hit a number of long jumpers and was very effective using length to score on baseline. Understands how to play.

Eric Dortch, Wilbraham and Monson (MA) 2010 - Strong wing that uses body to score around the rim and get into lane. Did a little of everything for WMA on Saturday. Grabbed several rebounds and was involved in a number of hustle plays.

Cam Roach, Northampton (MA) 2010 - Moves well for size(6’7), and has a good feel. Passed well out of the post and used strong body to clear out lane for rebounds.

Peter Rakocevic, Wilbraham and Monson (MA) 2010 - Very impressive day for the 6’10 Rakocevic. Was extremely active on the defensive end, blocking and altering several shots along the baseline. Showed off good footwork around the rim, scoring several times on the block with strong drop step to the baseline.

Alex Conaway, Wilbur Cross HS (CT) 2011 - Used strong body to score at the rim. Very tough on baseline and when leaking out on the wing. Finished well with contact, using both hands. Very active on the glass as well.

Ishmael Kalilou, Windsor HS (CT) 2010 - Kalilou showed off great athleticism and finished with contact. Runs the floor great for his size(6’7) and possesses good hands. Attacks offensive glass and defends.

Dylan Parker, Somers HS (CT) 2010 - Scoring wing with strong body. Crafty with the ball in his hands, gets into lane and scores in traffic. Successful at creating contact, went to free throw line several times.