Middlesex Magic - 2024 UAA Team Profile

By Jared Exler | Monday, August 29th, 2022

Middlesex Magic - 2024 UAA Team Profile

Luka Toews 6’2 Guard (Newman School): Toews is a high IQ floor general who knows how to run a team. Gets into the lane regularly with an array of crossover, through the legs, or start and stop moves. When defenders collapse on him, he makes good decisions finding others for drop-off layups or open spot-up three-pointers. Is also a playmaking threat out of ball screens, hitting teammates in tight windows for rolling layups. While Toews looks to get others involved first, he needs to be accounted for as a scorer. Has the ability to make open standstill treys when the ball is swung to him on the perimeter. Also can hit pull-ups in the lane if defenders are overplaying his passing lanes. 

Alex Berry 6’4 Wing (St. George’s School): Berry is a reliable floor spacer from beyond the arc with a quick release. Hits treys at a solid rate when spotting up. Shows flashes of making three-pointers when pulling up. If defenders close out hard on him, he can put the ball on the floor and finish through contact with his solid frame. Berry also has good cutting instincts. If an opponent hugs up on him to take away his long-range shot, he knows the right times when to go backdoor for high percentage layup opportunities. 

Jay Jones 6’3 Guard (Rivers School): Jones is a smooth three-point shooter who can also provide playmaking when on the ball. Has good elbow placement and rotation on his shot. Hits three-pointers on the move or when spotting up. Is able to get into the lane with a sharp handle or when attacking closeouts. Jones has a middle game in his scoring repertoire. He can hit high arching floaters in the paint over bigger opponents. His feel allows him to consistently make sound decisions finding open teammates in the half-court. Defensively, he uses his length well to shield off passing lanes or get deflections. 

Austin Hunt 6’4 Wing (Milton Academy): Hunt is an athletic multidimensional scoring wing with untapped playmaking ability. He has compact shooting form, excelling at making treys on standstill attempts. Gets to his spots in the lane for soft pull-ups with a quick first step or when attacking closeouts. Hunt can also make plays for others. Finds teammates for drive and dish layups in addition to showing flashes of hitting rolling teammates on ball screens. He is a solid one on one defender. Has good lateral quickness and is regularly in a low sitting down stance. 

Sean Perri 6’4 Wing (Roxbury Latin): Perri is a three-point sniper who can get hot in a hurry. Has fluid mechanics on his shot, a quick release, and range well beyond the arc. Can make treys on spot-up attempts or when coming off screens. While the long-range shot is his bread and butter, he is also a threat to get to the basket. Perri can put the ball on the floor when attacking closeouts and finish creative shots off the glass against bigger defenders.

CJ Happy 6’8 Big Man (Milton Academy): Happy is a reliable post scorer who gets after it on the defensive glass. When catching the ball on the block, he can use a jump-hook with his right hand to score over defenders. Has a soft touch off the glass, helping him to be a consistent finisher on drop-offs or when rolling out of ball screens. Happy’s good hands allow him to catch passes at different angles. Has solid vision when posting up, finding cutting teammates for layups. Defensively, he is a volume rebounder. Uses his high motor to consistently pull down balls in his area. Also utilizes the well-built frame he possesses, regularly getting advantageous position on opponents. 

Brady Stevens 6’3 Wing (Wellesley HS): Stevens is a reliable long-range shooter who can hit three-pointers in a variety of ways. Has clean mechanics and needs very little time or space to get attempts off. Makes treys at a good volume when coming off screens or spotting up. Shows glimpses of being a pull-up threat from beyond the arc. Stevens can put the ball on the floor when defenders aggressively contest his long-range attempts. Has the ability to hit soft floaters in the lane over bigger opponents. Shows some playmaking chops when attacking closeouts, finding teammates for open treys on kickouts. Defensively, he has a good understanding of where to be on his rotations. Is rarely out of position as a help defender or when one pass away. 

CJ Cox 6’1 Guard (Milton Academy): Cox is a crafty two-way guard. Generates lane penetration with a sharp crossover move. Can stop and pop for fifteen foot jumpers or finish around the rim through contact with either hand. Cox is a threat from beyond the arc. Makes three-pointers at a good rate off the catch. Uses an up and under move to create better scoring angles for himself when jump stopping near the basket. Also has vision to make plays for others in the half-court. Finds teammates well for high percentage finishing opportunities from the dunker spot. Cox is a very good on ball defender. His lateral foot speed and physicality make it difficult for opponents to blow by him.  

Ryder Frost 6’5 Wing (Beverly HS): Frost is an impressive floor spacer from long-range. Needs very little time and space to get his shot off. Makes three-pointers at a very good rate off movement or on standstill attempts. He can take opponents off the dribble and get to his soft pull-up or turnaround jumper in the mid-range. Frost creates high percentage finishing opportunities at the rim for himself with his off-ball movement. Regularly gets easy layups from face-cuts and give-and-go's. He makes his presence felt on the defensive glass. Rebounds at an impressive rate for his position, Uses his high motor to consistently come up with 50-50 balls, and strong frame to get good position. 

Ryan Mela 6’6 Forward (Newman School): Mela is an explosive and versatile scoring forward who rebounds. Gets to the basket using a quick crossover move. Finishes in traffic well with his leaping ability and creative layup package. Has an array of finger-roll and reverse layups in his finishing repertoire. Mela can also create separation around the rim using a spin move. Is a solid three-point shooter on pull-up attempts. Shows in spurts an ability to hit them when stepping back. He is a good defensive rebounder. Mela has a knack for being around the ball when it comes off the rim and can corral rebounds at their highest point with the pop in his legs. 

David Ayles 6’1 Guard (Brewster Academy): Ayles is a tough and heady shooter. He is a reliable threat from beyond the arc. Has compact form on his shot, making treys just as well on the move as off the catch. Defenders need to pick him up shortly after he crosses half-court with his range easily out to the NBA line. Does not shy away from taking a shot in an important moment with his confidence. Ayles does a commendable job playing within the flow of his team’s offense, rarely taking ill-advised attempts. Rebounds well on the defensive end for his position, giving a good effort putting a body on bigger opponents. Ayles is a competitive defender. Takes just as much pride in stopping someone as making a three-point shot.

Mason Blondeau 6’4 Wing (St. Paul’s School): Blondeau has a consistent shot from long-range, making standstill three-pointers at a good rate. He attacks closeouts well, scoring effectively around the rim with his soft touch off the glass using either hand. Can also take smaller defenders into the post, finishing proficiently with a nice up and under move. Blondeau makes his presence felt on the defensive glass, using his high motor to rebound the ball at a solid rate.

Sam Reilly 6’1 Shooting Guard (East Catholic): Reilly is an energetic shot-maker who does the little things that it takes to win. Makes treys consistently off movement or when spotting up. Shows in spurts an ability to hit three-pointers off the dribble on side-step attempts. If an opponent closes out hard on him, he can put the ball on the floor and get to the basket. Has finishing touch off the glass with either hand and a sturdy frame to take bumps. Defensively, Reilly has no issue diving on the floor to come up with a loose ball. Also consistently runs back hard in transition, making it more difficult for opponents to get high percentage scoring opportunities.