Hoop Mountain SW2 - Day 2 PM Recap

New England Recruiting Report | Monday, July 9th, 2012

Hoop Mountain SW2 - Day 2 PM Recap

The college coaching presence reached its peak on Monday afternoon at Hoop Mountain's Super Week II Camp as coaches came out in waves to check out the depth the field had to offer.  Here's a look at who impressed:

Dustin Cole - The rising junior point guard couldn't have been much better on Monday.  In the afternoon it was his playmaking and distributing that stood out as he got into the lane to find teammates for a variety of open shots.  Later that evening, he went to work with his own scoring, knocking down threes at will to scortch the defense.   

Tarik Smith - An unsigned senior still looking for a prep spot, Smith was one of the best playmaking guards in the field on Monday.  Quick with his first step as well as the ball, he's able to make plays north to south as well as east to west, while also showing the ability to create space in the mid-range area.  

Isaiah Bess - The athletic forward is showing the natural progression in his game that we had hoped when we first laid eyes on him this spring.  He made one especially explosive play off the dribble which screamed of his development and future potential.  

Mark Murphy - The Middlesex Magic swingman continued to make shots from the perimeter while also showing off a good feel for the game.  He's not a blow-by player off the dribble but he works his way into the lane and can score with both hands around the rim.  

Carlin Haymon - A scoring lead guard from the Rivers School, Haymon showed his full offensive repertoire during his team's afternoon game.  He was shaking defenders with his dribble, knocking down jumpers from behind the arc and making plays for himself and others.  

Patchie Kehoe - He's still only an underclassmen but his basketball I.Q. and overall feel for the game shined even among competition two and three years his senior.  Kehoe was efficient with the ball, made extra passes and knocked down his looks from behind the three-point line.

Connor Reardon - An intriguing front-court prospect who has come a long way in the last year, Reardon has the size and strength to bang on the interior but showed a skill set that allowed him to step-out and shoot from the perimeter.  Reardon also showed the tenacity to dive on the floor for loose balls.

Isaiah Robinson - He's got a little Antoine Walker in his game in that he's an undersized big man by nature but has done a nice job of extending his game away from the basket.  From the wing, he makes good use of his counter moves and is very proficient at getting to his sweet spots.  

Fredens Deneus - Arguably the most explosive athlete in the field, Deneus was a menace on the defensive end throughout the day.  He's long and mobile around the rim, able to contest shots from a wide range and then pound out with his dribble to start the break.  

Denzell Jackson - He's a throwback style big man who uses his wide frame to create space and establish deep real estate in the post.  Once he gets touches in that range he's lethal in terms of his ability to initiate and absorb contact on his way to the bucket.

New Prospects

Matt Ozzella - His name was a new one to emerge on Monday.  A tough and hard-nosed swingman who has a knack for finishing plays around the rim, Ozzella stood out with his motor and hard-working approach to the game.  

Trevor Glassman - This New Hampton bound prep product has a formidable weapon with his deep shooting range.  He got hot early in the afternoon game and continued to connect despite playing with a heavily bandaged shooting

Devon Williams - A true floor general from Thayer Academy, Williams has the presence and composure necessary for the lead spot with the individual offense to get into the lane off the dribble or knock down open looks from the three-point line.  

Darren Gilbert - There are two types of players - energy givers and energy takes.  Gilbert is certainly the former.  He infuses energy onto the game like few others in camp, has tremendous speed with the ball in his hands to create tempo and gets after it on the defensive end as well.  

On the Cusp

Andrew Baron - In a camp style setting big men don't always get the touches they need to show their true potential.  In Baron's case, he stood out because of his work during breakdown drills, when he showed an intriguing combination of size and a soft touch that extended out to 15 feet.  

Matt Sherlock - A swingman from Melrose High School, Sherlock stood out with the subtleties in his game.  He passes the ball very well and can facilitate for others.  Defensively, he provides a physical presence who will also sacrifice his body to take a charge.