Gillenwater Makes Decision | Friday, August 17th, 2007

Gillenwater Makes Decision

By the time Troy Gillenwater had arrived at Boston University on Wednesday for the New England Elite 75 Showcase the cat had already been let out of the bag.  Gillenwater was scheduled to announce his college selection in front of the numerous media members on hand that day, but the word had already gotten out that he was on his way to New Mexico State. 

Gillenwater is a Massachusetts native who headed out to the west coast three years ago to play at Stoneridge Prep.  After elevating himself to a consensus top 50 player in the class of 2008, the Massachusetts native decided he wanted to come home for what was scheduled to be his last season.  He arrived at the Rumble in the Bronx tournament in June with the New England Playaz and announced he was most likely headed to Notre Dame Prep.  But when long time Prep Head Coach Bill Barton left the school to take an assistant coaching position at Dusquesne that plan began to unravel. 

Even during the July live period Gillenwater was uncertain as to where he would be attending school in September.  There were rumors that he could still end up at Notre Dame, join Nate Miles at the Patterson School, or even head back to Stoneridge.  That’s when first year New Mexico State Head Coach Marvin Menzies and Assistant Coach Chris Pompey swooped in.  Now Gillenwater is joining an Aggies recruiting class that is almost undoubtedly the top mid-major class in the nation as it also includes fellow top 50 player Herb Pope. 

However, it is extremely improbable that Gillenwater’s academic status will allow him to suit up next season.  Instead look for him to play his first game for the Aggies in November of 2008.  Regardless it is hard to deny that New Mexico State has landed a real steal as they bring in one of the most skilled low post players in the country.