ESPN Releases Updated 2010 Rankings | Sunday, May 24th, 2009

ESPN Releases Updated 2010 Rankings

There are a couple of noted changes in ESPN’s newly updated 2010 rankings.  First and foremost for New England fans is that there are now six players in the top 100 that currently reside in our region of the country.  That’s double the size of local representation in the last set of rankings as Evan Smotrycz, Carson Desrosiers, and Rod Odom all made the cut for the first time. 

And speaking of Smotrycz, not only did he make the cut to be in the top 100, but he may have jumped more spots than any other player as he is currently ranked the 47th best player in the country. 

That was good for second best in comparison to other local products as only Nate Lubick finished higher, and not by much, as ESPN currently has him listed at 45.

Another duo wasn’t separated by much as Jason Morris and Gerard Coleman were ranked consecutively at 62 and 63 respectively. 

Odom, ranked 96th, and Desrosiers, ranked 98th, rounded out the New England list. 

Also notable were former New England products Dion Waiters in at 19 and Phil Pressey in at 40. 

ESPN’s rankings are compiled by their college basketball recruiting staff at Scouts Inc. 


ESPN vs. NERR Rankings

Nate Lubick (45)Nate Lubick
Evan Smotrycz (47)Gerard Coleman
Jason Morris (62)Carson Desrosiers
Gerard Coleman (63)Jason Morris
Rod Odom (96)Evan Smotrycz
Carson Desrosiers (98)Maxie Esho
Rod Odom