Elite 75 Academic Experience; more than just a showcase

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Elite 75 Academic Experience; more than just a showcase

The world of academic recruiting has become incredibly saturated in recent years with more prospects than ever competing for an incredibly small number of spots.

Making matters even more complicated is the amount of misinformation out there, not just about the recruiting process but also admission standards and financial aid as well.

The Elite 75 Academic Experience will help to educate families on all of these issues while also providing each player with an opportunity to prove themselves in front of college coaches from these academic schools.

In a day and age, where the word “exposure” has become over-promised and under-delivered in grassroots basketball, Elite 75 will continue to set the standard.

In fact, college coaches won’t just be on hand to watch the event, they’ll also be active participants, joining the event coaching staff, and consequently being able to interact, instruct and better evaluate prospects throughout the day.

This unique combination of education and actual exposure has led to a surge of interest, from prospects and college coaches alike, in the two weeks since this event was announced and has anticipation building for what promises to be a great event.

To learn more about the Elite 75 Academic Experience or to register please click here.