#E75 Academic - Top Underclassmen

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

#E75 Academic - Top Underclassmen

Our final look back at Sunday’s Elite 75 Academic Experience will examine the underclassmen that moved the needle in front of college coaches from numerous academic schools.

2020 Forwards

Ryan Michaels (Berkshire) – This 6-foot-6 forward made a big impression. The New York native has a polished and versatile offensive game to match his size. He was skilled, able to score with various maneuvers, and had use of both hands around the rim.

Justin Fitzpatrick (Burlington) – Best described as a jumbo wing right now, Fitzpatrick has great size at 6-foot-8, length, and athleticism that should eventually allow him to play multiple positions. He’s a volume scorer with an improved jump shot and all the natural tools necessary to become a top prospect in the coming years.

Leyton Bickford (Sanford) – Another Maine product to come south and make his presence felt, Bickford picked up right where he left off at the fall #E75. He plays very hard, gets tough rebounds inside, can drive it on the interior, and has an improving skill level.

2020 Wings

Parker McLaren (Newburyport) – Casey’s younger brother started to make a name for himself this season and he kept it up at #E75. A budding 6-foot-4 wing with length and athleticism, McLaren has a high motor that makes him immediately productive while he extends his game.

Eli Swanson (Interlakes) – A multi-positional player who could double as a wing or physical guard, Swanson ran the floor well, knocked down shots consistently, and showed the overall effort and I.Q. to match to be productive on both ends of the floor.

Jahkai Pettway (Hamden Hall) – He’s strong and athletic with solid length and a comparable motor. Coaches were most taken with his basketball I.Q. and understanding of how to play in the flow though as he moved the ball, made the extra pass, and was just very solid from start to finish.  

Mike Marshall (Cardinal Spellman) – A long rangy athlete who can play above the rim, Marshall was good off the bounce while also showing a passing instinct that is there to be developed in the coming years.

Jack Richard (Nashoba Regional) – He’s long, only just beginning to grow into his body, and is just going to keep coming physically. He can make open shots with his feet set but was also noted for having an advanced I.Q. on the defensive end of the floor.

2020 Guards

Cody Appleton (Low Country Prep) – A promising young player from South Carolina who will be joining the St. Paul's class of 2021 next year, Appleton was very impressive in his New England debut. A promising young point guard who utilizes a pass first style, Appleton’s ability to manufacture passing lanes, read the game, and put his teammates in positions to score was also advanced for his age.

Drew Brown, Pelham – The younger brother of Keith Brown, the former NH Gatorade POY, Drew is already well on his way to making a name of his own. He put up big numbers this year as a sophomore, has an advanced understanding of the game at a young age, and a versatile offensive arsenal.

Bryant Ciccio (Attleboro) – He may be just a sophomore but his vast experiences over the years give him a veteran savvy at a young age. He’s not the highest level athlete of the bunch, but has a knack for getting into the paint and making big plays.

Ibrahim Muhammad-Denson (Bedford) – What he may lack in size he compensates for with vision, perimeter shooting, and hustle. Muhammad-Denson played a major role for Bedford this winter and proved he has a bright future ahead of him this weekend.

The Best of 2021

Camaron Tongue (Rivers) – He continued to impress here, as he has done all fall and winter. Tongue’s physical profile continues to evolve with his size, strength, and athleticism while he’s simultaneously become more assertive and, at times, dominant inside with potential to eventually be able to go inside and out.

Robbie Stankard (Groton School) – Another young forward with clear potential, Stankard has good size at 6-foot-7, mobility to match, and a soft touch, not just from inside the paint but already out to the perimeter.

Matt Constant (St. Andrew’s) – His motor is on another level. There wasn’t a better on-ball defender in the entire field as he combined his quickness and energy to harass opposing ball-handlers for the length of the floor. Offensively, he can get into the lane and make plays for himself and others.

Brandon Wiercinski (Lawrence Academy) - He's as skilled and cerebral as you would expect from a coach's son. Wiercinski also has good positional size and a knockdown stroke from behind the arc.

Aidan Rodgers (Rectory) – A shifty young point guard with a great feel for the game, Rodgers doesn’t over dribble and yet knows how to penetrate and pitch at just the right times. He was skilled and one of the more promising young players in attendance.