CT Elite Senior Showcase Recap

by Zack Sandberg | Sunday, October 11th, 2020

CT Elite Senior Showcase Recap

60 of the best seniors in Connecticut gathered on Friday night in Newtown, CT, for the CT Elite Senior Showcase. The field was invite only, before opening the final few spots to any seniors in the state. The assembled crowd included some of the CIAC’s best, as well as a few New York prospects. Over 25 D2 and D3 coaches were in the building throughout the night, with another 10 tuning in through the live stream. All courts were filmed and video will be made available on the CT Elite’s YouTube Channel.

Here is a look at some of the standouts:

Brody Limric, East Catholic: Arguably the best long-term prospect in the gym, Brody showed off his athleticism aswell as the ability to stretch the floor. At 6-8, he was one of the biggest kids in the gym, and had no problem assertinghis dominance in the post.

Will Barton, St. Paul’s Catholic: A 6-7 inside/out threat, Barton showed off his high playmaking IQ as well as his ability to score from all 3 levels. He’s a late-bloomer with a chance to really develop once he gets into a college weight room.

Max Mitchell, Bridgeport Prep: Mitchell has clearly spent a lot of time on his body, as he is bigger, stronger, faster and more athletic than previously. He was near automatic from 3 when he got his feet set, but was more than comfortable putting the ball on the floor and overpowering opponents in the paint.

Akim Joseph, Notre Dame Fairfield: A physical specimen, he is every bit of 6-5 with highlight-reel athleticism. Joseph is very vocal on the court and always crashes the glass.

Kualim Johnson, Marianapolis: Much improved over the past year, Johnson showed off his improving offensive skillset including making some high-level passes. He has a great motor and is beginning to stretch the floor, hitting multiple threes.

Isaiah Sullivan, Bassick: A new name to emerge, Sullivan is a 6-6 pogo stick who threw down multiple monstrous dunks throughout the night. He has reportedly played only in the paint to date, but definitely has the ability to transition to the perimeter in time.

Jaiden Gilzene, East Hartford: Gilzene seems to have grown an inch in the past year, and that has allowed him to guard 1-4 on the defensive end, where he has great instincts. His frame should fill out nicely once he gets into a college weight room as well.

Darius Boben, Storm King: A big, chiseled, strong-bodied guard who excels at getting downhill, Boben asserted his dominance on the competition as he attacked the basket to score or make passes to the big. He also showed the ability to knock down threes in rhythm.

Ian Calabrese, Simsbury: Another strong showing from the Simsbury guard, Calabrese is a high-level scorer and can really get going from 3 when he gets hot. He works on the defensive end as well, causing his opponents’ fits.

Cole Bryant, St. Luke’s: Bryant was nearly unrecognizable as he has slimmed down and clearly spent time devoted to working on his body. Offensively, he was comfortable playing with the ball in his hands making plays for others, but he is at his best when he is able to create for himself.

Rassoul Abakar, Notre Dame-Fairfield: A 6-8 post player, he has great fundamentals and a solid game on the block to match. He has soft touch off the glass, is verbal, and comfortable starting the break himself.

Trevahn Duncan, Sacred Heart: The latest in a long line of guards from Sacred Heart, Duncan was one of the best point guards in the field, as he has great poise, doesn’t get sped-up, and is always finding his teammates. He has a high IQ and knows when to score or pass it off.

Hunter Meshanic & Carter Meshanic, Kingswood-Oxford: Efficient and productive, the Meshanic twins are mismatch nightmares. They can score from all 3 levels and are overpowering physically as well as not being afraid of attacking bigger players.

Aedan Derrick, Southington: A physically overpowering forward, Derrick’s IQ has evolved well as he’s making high-level passes and moving without the ball. Offensively, he is overpowering on the block, but also able to step out and hit midrange shots with ease.