Bryant Gets Point Guard | Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Bryant Gets Point Guard

When you scroll up and down the list of prospects in New England, or any part of the country for that matter, you will always find more guards than any other position.  As the old saying goes, guards are a “dime a dozen”.  Or as college coaches would tell you, “everybody has got guards” referring to the virtually endless supply of perimeter players that think they have the game to play on the division I level. 

But in the age of alley-oop passes, ankle breaking cross-overs, and the And 1 Mixtape Tour, finding a true point guard is a difficult task.  True point guards aren’t just little guys who are good with the ball…they are floor generals, who understand the nuances of the game, and make their teammates better…they pass the ball not just to pile up assists but to initiate offense, they defend, they take charges, they dive on the floor, they value each possession, they score…but only when they have to, they lead, and above all else they win.   

Bryant College was one of many schools in search of such a player this year.  On Wednesday they found what they were looking for as Sam Leclerc offered his verbal commitment. 

Perhaps the most impressive part of Leclerc’s basketball resume is his history of winning.  Most recently, he led his Winthrop High School team to a Class C state championship as they defeated a Calais team that was riding a 63 game winning streak.  During last summer’s AAU season he led MBR to a surprise run through the national tournament field as they finished as the 11th best team in the country. 

And whether it is for Winthrop or MBR, Leclerc has shown a rare ability to provide his team with whatever the situation demands.  In other words, while he is a player who prefers to act as more of a distributor, he has proven himself more than able to put points on the board in a hurry when his team needs it.  The state championship game was a terrific example as he finished with a game high 28.  At Nationals it was a 27 point performance in a win over Mississippi’s Jackson Panthers that pushed MBR to the sweet 16. 

Leclerc jumped onto the recruiting scene at the 2006 New England Elite 75 Showcase, when everyone is the gym was asking, “who’s the kid who keeps throwing the great passes?”  What he showed that day is still true today…he is at his best when surrounded by talented players.  And that’s exactly why he is such a great addition for Bryant Head Coach Max Good and his staff as they have found the ideal team player to guide them through their first four years at the division I level.