BallasTV Breakout, Boston’s Best on Tap for this Weekend

New England Recruiting Report | Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

We haven't even hit the month of September yet and already high level basketball is back on the weekends.

In fact, this weekend the city of Boston will host a pair of showcases, both of which promise to be full of talent.

The BallasTV BreakoutShowcase will take place on Saturday at UMass Boston. The event, which is generating quite a buzz in recent days of Twitter and other forms of social media, includes 3 guaranteed games, all-star game, dunk contest and, of course, video highlights of each game.

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The Boston's Best event will also take place on Saturday but serve a younger demongraphic for rising 5th - 10th graders. Run by former former Rivers coach and current director of the 3Point Foundation, Andrew Mirken, the event includes drill stations, game play and an all-star game.

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