All-Academic Camp - Day 3 Recap

New England Recruiting Report | Sunday, July 16th, 2017

All-Academic Camp - Day 3 Recap

All Academic Camp ended with a bang on Thursday afternoon at Brandeis University.  While it is easy for players to look toward the next camp or the next tournament during this busy month, there were still plenty of players that finished the camp strong.

Kehinde Aruwajoye (Avon Old Farms, 2018)- The 6'8 big man played better as camp progressed.  His activity level increased, and he made a few plays defensively (blocks from the weak side) that had coaches scurrying through their coaches packets to see who he is.

Sean Christy (St. Andrew's, 2018)- Christy continued his strong start to the summer here at All Academic Camp.  He shot the ball consistently well and is a team player that does not force his own offense (which is often done in camp settings).

Tommy Carver (Ridgewood HS, 2018)- A New Jersey product, Carver is a small point guard that plays bigger than his height indicates.  He is scrappy, heady & tough, and not afraid to take big shots.  He gets after it on the defensive end like few in the field did this week, and he is always on the floor for loose balls.

Erion Jones (St. Paul's School, 2018)- Standing at 6'7, Jones is long and bouncy.  His interior defense is very advanced; not only can he block shots, he understands how to go straight up with his hands while being posted up, making the offensive player shoot over him.

Ben McPherron (Nobles & Greenough, 2018)- McPherron is a strong 6'3 wing who uses his strength wisely on the court.  He sets extremely good screens to get his teammates open.  He is also very able with the ball in his hands, and has a great feel for who is open coming off ball screens.

Ryan Moon (Bishop McGuinness, 2018)- Traveling from North Carolina, Moon proved to be one of the toughest players in the field.  He rebounds extremely well for a guard, and is not afraid of taking it to bigger, stronger players inside.

AJ Morales (Kennedy Catholic, 2018)- The son of a coach, Morales possesses a high basketball IQ and, even in a camp setting, directs traffic for his four other teammates.  His teammates loved playing with him because of his willingness to share the ball and get others shots in situations where they can be successful.

Charles Considine (Bridgton Academy, 2018)- Considine is able to find an opening and dart to the basket quickly.  Once he has an opening, there is no wasted motion in him attacking the rim.

William Phelan (St. Sebastians School, 2018)- Phelan's strong build will serve him well at the next level, but his skill level got him noticed this week.  He has a tight spin move that he uses to go by defenders, and showed a variety of finishing moves around the basket.

Christian Iloba (Green Farms Academy, 2021)- The youngest player in the field, Iloba is a 6'6 big who still has room for growth and possesses long arms that make him a menace inside in defense.  He plays hard every time out there, and is definitely a prospect high academic schools need to keep an eye on for the future.

Jack Reese (East Hampton HS, 2018)- A tough point guard, the New York product impressed coaches with his ability to change speeds, a necessity for a guard who wants to play at the next level.

Michael Manley (Williston Northampton, 2018)- Manley's hot shooting from the Elite 75 last month spilled over to the All Academic Camp.  His compact stroke served him well this week, as even more coaches took notice.

Parker Weiss (Community School of Naples, 2019)- Weiss runs to the 3-point line in transition and looks to fire.  He was hot from that range on Thursday morning, showing good preparation in getting ready to shoot as soon as he catches the basketball.

Casey McLaren (Newburyport HS, 2018)- Once McLaren picks up his dribble, he remains a dangerous player with his ability to ball fake & stay patient and maintain his court vision.  He also proved he can make tough turn-around fade-aways off his pivot foot.

Ben Kaslow (Calabasas HS, 2018)- Kaslow finishes through contact in traffic, and his toughness & willingness to initiate the contact drew the attention of several college coaches in attendance.