AAC Day 2 AM Recap

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

AAC Day 2 AM Recap

One of the unique aspects of the All Academic Camp is the chance to see some of the talented underclassman in a setting where they are competing not only for attention of college coaches, but competing against older players who will be sure to push them throughout the three days.  The following underclassmen have stood out so far during the AAC:

Casey Simmons (Milton Academy, 2021)- Simmons is an exceptional athlete with improving ball skills.  He likes to get out and run in the open court, but can also knock down shots with regularity, a key for his development as a prospect.  His ceiling is very high.

Lucas McEachern (Phillips Exeter, 2021)- The 6'6 French wing has the potential to be an impact player in the NEPSAC.  His feel for the game & pace of which he plays is impressive for a player his age.  McEachern's jumper is quick and he owns a high release.  His length allows him to be disruptive on the defensive end and on the offensive boards, and he is always moving on both ends of the court.  

Colby Martins (Milbrook, 2020)- The little point guard made a big impression on Wednesday.  He got inside the paint whenever he wanted, and was more than willing to kick out to open teammates for jump shots.  His quick burst & change of speed makes it very difficult for defenders to stay in front of him.

Bobby Sommers (St. Mark's, 2020)- Sommers has a quiet way about him, but he finds a way to be productive whenever he steps on the court.  He always plays hard, competes, and fights for rebounds & loose balls.  His handle is solid, and is one who will be able to withstand ball pressure at the next level.  His 3-point range is also a weapon of his.

Brett Hutchinson (Northfield Mount Hermon, 2021)- The point guard always talks & brings energy to his team.  He is very effective at driving right past his defender's hip and taking a straight line to the basket on his penetration.  Hutchinson also knocked down several jumpers from beyond the 3-point arc off the bounce.

Tom Andreae (Newton North, 2020)- A quick point guard in the open court, Andreae stood out because he is always in attack mode-- either looking to drive & kick to an open teammate, or get to the rim himself to finish.

Jackson McKersie (Millis HS, 2021)- The young post is always cleaning up his teammates' misses around the basket.  He has good touch inside, and keeps the ball high off of offensive rebounds, not giving opposing guards a chance to swipe at it.  His improvement is noticeable over the course of the spring.

Michael Lau (Hopkins, 2020)- Lau is a shooter who gets his shot off quick and has great rhythm going into his shot.  There is not much movement in his form, so look for him to be a consistent 3-point threat in the years to come.

Jake Barisano (Westford Academy, 2020)- Barisano still needs to fill out physically, but has a good set of skills to base his game around.  He is solid with the ball and doesn't turn the ball over.  With more reps his jumper will become more consistent, adding an element to his game that will really benefit him in his future.