Zero Gravity Prep Classic on tap for this weekend

New England Recruiting Report | Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Zero Gravity Prep Classic on tap for this weekend

The opening months of the college basketball season is characterized by exempt tournaments - select events bringing together some of the top programs in the country that preceed league schedules.

The prep school season has similar traditions with four straight weekends of exposure showcases to start the weekend beginning with the National Prep Showcase. With Thanksgiving now behind us, we turn our attention to the second leg of that tour, which takes place this weekend at St. Andrew's School in Rhode Island for the Zero Gravity Prep Classic.

Formerly known as the Hoop Mountain Prep Classic, the ZG field welcomes many of New England's top programs while also opening up the field (and a second gym at St. Andrew's) to some teams from outside the region that have just the sleepers that college coaches are starting to search for at this time of year.

Here's a complete look at the schedule:

Friday, December 4th
    3:00p.m. Lee Academy (ME) vs. Master’s (CT)
    4:30p.m. Bill Crothers (CAN) vs. Redemption Christian Academy (MA)
    6:00p.m. Cushing Academy (MA) vs. Millbrook School (NY)
    7:30p.m. Worcester Academy (MA) vs. Bridgton Academy (ME)
    9:00p.m. South Kent (CT) vs. Cheshire Academy (CT)
Saturday, December 5th
    10:30a.m. Bill Crothers (CAN) vs. Brimmer & May (MA)
    12:00p.m. Millbrook School (NY) vs. St. Andrew’s (RI)
    1:30p.m. Cheshire Academy (CT) vs. New Hampton (NH)
    3:00p.m. Monte Clare (PA) vs. Stanstead (CAN) *2nd Gym*
    3:15p.m. Wilbraham & Monson (MA) vs. Master’s (CT)
    4:30p.m. John Polanyi Prep (CAN) vs. Eduard Monpetit (CAN) *2nd Gym*
    4:45p.m. Bridgton Academy (ME) vs. South Kent (CT)
    6:00p.m. Redemption Christian Academy (MA) vs. Marianapolis Prep (CT) *2nd Gym*
    6:30p.m. Kent (CT) vs. MacDuffie (MA)
    7:30p.m. Thetford Academy (CAN) vs. Standard of Excellence Academy (NC) *2nd Gym*
    8:15p.m. Notre Dame Prep (MA) vs. Lee Academy (ME)
Sunday, December 6th
    10:00a.m. Brimmer & May (MA) vs. Northfield Mount Hermon
    11:00a.m. Thetford Academy (CAN) vs. Eduard Monpetit (CAN) *2nd Gym*
    11:45p.m. MacDuffie (MA) vs. Cushing Academy (MA)
    12:30p.m. Stanstead (CAN) vs. Standard of Excellence Academy (NC) *2nd Gym*
    1:30p.m. Worcester Academy (MA) vs. Lee Academy (ME)
    2:00p.m. Monte Clare (PA) vs. Monte Clare (PA)*2nd Gym*
    3:15p.m. Tilton (NH) vs. Bridgton Academy (ME)
    5:00p.m. Notre Dame Prep (MA) vs. Marianapolis Prep (CT)
    6:30p.m. St. Andrew’s (RI) vs. Salisbury (CT)