Vermont AAU State Championship Decided | Monday, May 19th, 2008

In a mild upset the Burlington Hawks defeated Lone Wolf Athletics 64-54 on Sunday to win the Vermont AAU state championship. The Hawks are a team made up of next year’s returning varsity players from Burlington High school, while Lone Wolf consists of some of Vermont’s best players from around the state. 

The Hawks defeated Candon Rusin’s Connecticut Valley team to advance to the finals. 

In the final, the ten point difference was not indicative of the closeness of the game as this one was never in doubt.  Joe O'Shea led Burlington out of the blocks as they jumped out to a ten point lead after the first five minutes. Behind the inside play of Clancy Rugg, and floor leadrership of
Shane Norris, the lead went to fifteen at half.  At the twelve minute mark it was a twenty point game, and for all intent it was over.

O'Shea and Rugg solidified their rankings as two of the states' top three players ( with Candon Rusin), while point guard Norris's stock continues to rise.  Nick Meunier played well for Lone Wolf as the 6'6" wide body played Rugg tough. 

This game also speaks volumes for the upcoming high school season as it is now clearer than ever that to be the best in Vermont you have to go through Burlington.