Unsigned Senior Spotlight - Cam Dunbury

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Unsigned Senior Spotlight - Cam Dunbury

There are countless unsigned seniors who were hurt by the impact of the coronavirus and the subsequent cancellation of the spring basketball season. 

But there might not be another unsigned senior in New England who was poised to take advantage of the April recruiting period more than Cam Dunbury

Big men are often late-bloomers and that definitely appears to be the case with Dunbury. Yes, he's been on the circuit for a couple of years now but everything appeared to be clicking this past winter as he grew another inch, was moving at unprecedented levels, and showing things that we had not yet seen from him. 

After getting primarily D3 recruitment prior to his senior year, D1's were now taking notice, from even as high as the Atlantic 10, and ready to see him this spring. 

Unfortunately, they won't now get the chance, but hopefully this helps bring his rapid recent strides to light. 

Personal Statement

"I'm long at 6'10" & have great timing with my shot blocking abilities. I've come a long way with my jump shot over the last year & can only see myself improving with more time in the gym. I can run the floor very well for my size. I want to get better every day & if I'm surrounded by the right people I know sky is the limit!"


"Cam has made enormous steps in his development! I could see the game begin to really slow down for Cam last summer during a Hoop Group live event when he was blocking just about everything that was sent to the rim. He's catching the ball offensively with the confidence of being a first option." 
- Brendan Carter, Program Director, Rise Above Basketball

"Cam is one of the more efficient & effective players in the area & doesn't need the basketball to achieve that. He blocks or alters almost everything going toward the rim, and pulls attention away from the ball in transition. Constantly improving his ability to finish around the rim & starting to develop a '15 & In' game as well." 
- Rico DePaolis, Head Coach, Rise Above Basketball

Scouting Report

"Anytime you're evaluating a big kid, you have to circle back to check on their progress pretty consistently. That's certainly the case here. To be totally candid, I thought Cam was on a high D3 track last spring and summer, but when I saw footage of what he was doing this winter, he looked like a totally different player. He had not only grown another inch, but he was moving so well and just realy asserting himself on both ends of the floor. From a modeling standpoint, that's a scenario that typically pans out with a pretty high degree of probability. So, I was really looking forward to seeing him in person this spring, and I know a lot of division I coaches were too." 
- Adam Finkelstein, NERR & ESPN

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