Unsigned Senior Spotlight - Andrew Hartel

Friday, April 24th, 2020

Unsigned Senior Spotlight - Andrew Hartel

Andrew Hartel was the epitome of a three-sport athlete during his time at Cape Elizabeth High School in Maine. 

The star big man on the basketball team, the quarterback of the football team, and a defensemen on the lacrosse team, he thrived in every arena.

While Hartel well-rounded athletic achievements are incredibly impressive, he didn't start focusing on basketball or playing against top competition until this year. So in many ways, he's still very early on in his development. 

It's no surprise that he has D3 schools lining up for a shot at him, but with that type of untapped potential still in front of him, he's also a player who has earned scholarship level recruitment. 

Prospect Profile

Height: 6-9
Position: Center 
School: Kimball Union Academy 
Grassroots: Middlesex Magic
2019-2020 Stats: 11ppg, 9rpg, 55% FG

Personal Statement

I want coaches to know that I am the definition of a team player. I do not care about personal statistics, touches in games, or sacrificing my body. I only care about the success of the team. I won’t let another player on the court work harder than me. Whether it’s running the rim as hard as I can every time, diving on the court for loose balls, taking charges, boxing out, or crashing the offensive glass. I love doing the dirty work.  As a three sport athlete in high school, I learned a toughness which translates onto the court. I can easily understand offensive and defensive schemes from my time as a quarterback in football and a defensemen in lacrosse. Being from Maine where players are often overlooked, I developed a chip on my shoulder which adds to my competitiveness.


"Andrew Hartel had a terrific post-graduate year at Kimball Union Academy, helping to anchor a team of primarily NEPSAC new-comers to a 20-win season and berth in the NEPSAC AA playoffs.  His near double/double performance was needed each contest but it was the intangibles that stood out for anyone that took the time to watch the 2019-2020 KUA squad.  This former high school quarterback and lacrosse defensemen always seems to have an insatiable need to compete and he’s a bit of a throwback in this way.  If there was an official stat kept for diving on the floor then Andrew would have run away with the NEPSAC lead in this category.  What also makes him a pleasure to coach is his genuinely unselfish personality as a teammate.  I can honestly say that he never seemed phased by not getting enough touches on the offensive or if playing time was cut short by foul trouble…only wish I had him for more than 1 year!!"
- Cory McClure, Head Coach, Kimball Union Academy

Scouting Report

"I've thought Hartel was under-recruited all year long. He's not the type of guy who is going to blow you away with his offensive output but he's a big body who plays hard, can hold his own athletically, defend his position, rebound inside, and add to the collective character, culture, and unfelishness of your team. There's just not much downside to him. I've seen coaches get seduced by guys who put up bigger offensive numbers, but Hartel plays a role that is virtually identical to what he'll be asked to do at the next level, and he does it very well. He's a scholarship level player in my opinion."
- Adam Finkelstein, ESPN & NERR 

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