Tufts Prep Shootout - Event Recap

by Christian Bradley | Friday, August 10th, 2012

Tufts Prep Shootout - Event Recap

Worcester Academy, Rivers, Exeter, Tabor, Milton Academy, and Pingree all took part in the Tufts University Prep School Shootout this weekend. New England Recruiting Report had the opportunity to see a preview of some of the most promising prospects in New England Prep basketball this upcoming season. Several players showed off how much they improved this summer, while we also had an opportunity to catch a glimpse of some players who will be newcomers to prep school hoops this year:

Standout Forwards

Jarred Reuter, 2015 (Tabor) – Reuter had no problem taking contact and getting to the line in Tabor’s close loss to Rivers earlier in the day. Per usual, he rebounded at a high rate and helped jumpstart Tabor’s fast break via his standout outlet pass. An underrated ball handler, he showed off a newly developed ability to catch the ball at mid-range and score off the dribble.

Matt Cimino, 2014 (Worcester) – Known as a sharpshooter, Cimino did a nice job today of asserting himself down low and used his length to his advantage to alter and block shots. He moves very well without the ball, picks his spots, and knocks down a high percentage from behind the arc.

Duncan Robinson, 2014 (Exeter) – Robinson, at 6’7, has a very similar game to Cimino’s. He has a quick trigger on his jumpshot, scores very well off the dribble, and works hard on the glass. Robinson will be able to make himself even more effect as he continues to add strength, as his combination of skill and aggressiveness is impressive.

Thomas Rivard, 2013 (Worcester) – Rivard can do everything on the floor. He got a lot stronger and more athletic this summer, and that attributed to his added aggressiveness and confidence that he now has on the offensive end of the floor. He also rebounded consistently today, which was a greatly contributing factor to Worcester’s two wins.

Alec Brennan, 2014 (Milton) – Brennan is a skilled 6’9 forward who is still in the process of becoming more assertive offensively. He is known widely as a sharpshooting, stretch four man, but he’s going to make himself even more effective as he develops that go-to move on the low block. He did a nice job today of altering and blocking shots.

Andrew Kaufmann, 2013 (Rivers) – Yet another long, stretch forward who stood out at Tufts today, Kauffman was at his best today while hitting shots from outside. 6’6 with improving strength, he gave a nice effort on the glass and showed that he can be a great dual threat as he continues to develop his post moves.

Tyriek McCauley, 2014 (Worcester) – Since arriving at Worcester Academy, McCauley has improved as much as any prep player in New England. Arriving at WA as strictly a post player who was oozing potential, the 6’5 swingman now shows a great confidence scoring off the dribble and in his outside shooting. He’s going to be a very tough rotation player for Worcester because of his inside-out game.

Playmaking Guards

Carlin Haymon, 2014 (Rivers) – Haymon was such an intimidating presence with the ball in his hands today. A crafty, creative finisher, he embraces contact and finishes at a very high percentage going to the rim off the dribble. Known as a finisher, Haymon established himself early on today from outside, knocking down several outside jumpshots. He also did a great job today of running Rivers’ offense and creating in the open floor.

Rene Castro, 2013 (Worcester) – He hit some big shots today for Worcester, especially in their close victory over Tabor. Castro makes up for a lack of elite athleticism with intelligence and creativity. He has long been known as a finisher around the rim, but his ability to knock down deep threes today really made him stand out.

Bryce Boggs, 2014 (Tabor) – Boggs, a transfer from Xaverian, got his first taste of prep action today and played very well. He’s a long 6’1 guard who is a very underrated athlete. Also a good finisher on his way to the rim, he’s going to prove to be difficult to defend in Tabor’s backcourt as he develops consistency in his outside jumper.

Johnnie Spears, 2014 (Pingree) – Spears was simply the best player on the floor in Pingree’s showdown with Milton, eventually leading Pingree to a victory. He has a very quick first step, a tight handle, and possesses the ability to create for his teammates. A tough competitor, he plays as hard on the defensive end as he does with the ball in his hands.

Miles Wright, 2014 (Tabor) – He’s a long, athletic guard who can finish high above the rim and hit jumpers all over the floor. Wright was especially effective today in the open floor during Tabor’s showdown with Worcester Academy, he had moments of dominance which will certainly drum up excitement over how much he could develop over the next couple years.

Matt Mobley, 2013 (Worcester) – Two things stand out in Mobley’s improvement this summer: his added strength and his improved shooting mechanics. Said strength gives him the ability to rebound at a high rate for a guard, while the higher release on his jumpshot is a nice tweak to a jumper that already has very nice lift on it.

Chris Braley, 2013 (Exeter) – He dominated in all aspects in Exeter’s win over Pingree. Braley has no fear of contact, can knock down the outside jumper regularly, and is a consistent rebounding presence thanks to his athleticism and upper body strength.

Harry Rafferty, 2013 (Exeter) – Rafferty was on fire today from behind the three point arc, which is nothing new for him. He really stood out today in how he took control offensively and made plays for others, his textbook ball fakes and no-look passes kept Exeter’s other scorers heavily involved.

Impressive Newcomers

Darryl Reynolds, 2013 (Worcester) – Reynolds will undoubtedly be one of the most talked about players in New England basketball this year. He is a very strong, broad shouldered 6’8 forward who plays above the rim and has a nice skillset. He put down some ferocious dunks, blocked shots, and ran the floor, while wowing those in attendance by also knocking down several three-point jumpers.

Johnnie Blaze, 2016 (Milton) – Blaze was a pleasant surprise for Milton today. Just a rising freshman, he already understands running lanes, help defense, and off the ball movement. He did a little bit of scoring in the open floor today. His skills are impressive, but the veteran swagger that he composes himself with in the floor was what had many talking.

Matt Panaggio, 2013 (Worcester) – Panaggio is fresh to the New England prep scene via Daytona Beach, FL. He’s a strong, 6’3 guard who defends on-ball with ferocity, can shoot the three ball, and has standout athleticism. He of course still needs time to get more comfortable playing with his new teammates, and as he does he will be a very effective asset on both ends of the floor.