Rising Senior Spotlight - Teddy Mangiarotti

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Rising Senior Spotlight - Teddy Mangiarotti

Academics and athletics go hand in hand in Teddy Mangiarotti's family. His father played college football at Colubmia, his sister played lacrosse at Brown, another sister went to Cornell, and another played lacrosse at Villanova. 

The Long Island native made his NEPSAC debut at the Westminster School this past year and now, he too, is developing momentum with college recruiters. He's already heard from some of the top D3 programs, both academically and athletically, in the country - Amherst, Claremont McKenna, Wesleyan, UChicago, NYU, Pomona Pitzger, Middlebury, Bates, and WPI. 

His goal though is to play his way into an Ivy, Patriot, or academically comparable D1 school. While he doesn't yet have any offers, places like Penn, Drexel, American, Princeton, and Yale have all made contact, as too has Stonehill from the D2 level. 

To that end, he's dedicated this unprecedented time of quarantine to developing his game and body. He's added 10 pounds of muscle, worked to become quicker and more explosive, while also polishing his skill set. 

Prospect Profile

Height: 6'2"
Position: Combo Guard
School: Westminster (CT)
AAU: Crown Basketball Club
Hometown: Locust Valley, NY

By the Numbers

2019-20 Stats: 23pts, 4rebs, 3ast, 2stl
2018-19 Stats: 24pts, 4rebs, 4ast, 2stl (at Locust Valley HS)
Academics: 4.0 GPA & 1250 SAT (first time)

Awards & Accolades

- 2018-19 Long Island Conference A3 Player of the Year
- 2019-20 Westminster Team MVP
- 2019-20 All NEPSAC Honorable Mention
- 2020-21 Westminster Team Captain

Personal Statement

“I am a 6’2” shifty combo guard from the Westminster School, that can take my guy off the dribble and break him down, while having a deep 3 point range that can be super beneficial to any level basketball program. My handle, shot, speed, and explosiveness have improved dramatically over this quarantine period, and I can't wait to showcase while playing for my Crown AAU Team this summer as well as any live periods. 

I am highly confident in myself and in my game that I can play an extremely high level of basketball. Last season while playing in the Founders League, I competed very well against some of the top teams with scholarship level players. Being a combo guard last season allowed me to significantly improve all aspects of my game which makes me an extremely versatile player for my coach and team. 

During this quarantine period, I have been consistently putting in a lot of work. Working out 3 hours a day, I am working on getting stronger, faster and more skilled. These workouts include doing core work in the morning, as well as improving my explosiveness and quickness during beach workouts, I am constantly doing what I can to set myself up for success playing in college. My handle is super tight now, and my shot is better than it has ever been. My game, strength and speed have taken a big leap forward from this past season, and I can't wait to get in front of coaches.

I realize there is always room for improvement, and I look forward to learning and growing as a player and person to help my college team be successful."


"Most kids say they want to be the best but Teddy actually puts the work in every single day.  Teddy is so dedicated to his craft and he cherishes the teaching moments.  Teddy came from Locust Valley High School, where he was the best player in the conference on Long Island.  However, Teddy made a seamless transition into the NEPSAC league.  He took on all challenges every single game.  Teddy would workout in the morning, after school, at night, and on Sundays mornings with me before leaving campus for his church service.  He would call and text me just to talk about the game.  After games, he was always the first person asking about when the game film would be posted on HUDL.  Teddy is a very skilled guard that is adding weapons to his arsenal daily.  Teddy led Westminster in 30 point games last season.  He shot over 40% from three point land.  Since the pandemic, Teddy has added 10lbs of muscle.  Let me add, that Teddy can play both the point guard and shooting guard positions.  Teddy isn't just  your typical spot up shooter, he can also get a bucket off the dribble.  He uses a plethora of moves like quick combo moves, stepbacks, sides steps, crafty hesitations, and a series of quick jabs to get his defender off balance.  It's not easy scoring close to 24 points a game in NEPSAC but Teddy accomplished that.  In every game, I thought Teddy was the best shooter on the court.  He's a talented 3 level scorer and I believe that will transition well into his senior year and for a college program.  Lastly, I strongly believe Teddy is a D1 talent.  He has the work ethic and he loves the game.  The kid is a flat out STUD!"
- David Pringle, Head Coach, Westminster School

"Teddy is a coach's dream. Tough, hard-working, dedicated, and has a strong determination of improving daily. Teddy is a scoring combo guard that can score at all three levels and shoots the three from NBA range consistently. He continues to work on his PG skills and is an absolute gym rat. He'll be in the gym when you open the doors and he will be there until you close them. I've had the pleasure of working with Teddy for the last 2-3 years and each year I see him, he gets better. He has also gotten stronger and quicker in the last few years as well (sneaky athletic too). Along with his bball skills, he is a high character young man as well ! Some college Coach will be very happy they took this kid!"
- Derek Klein, Assistant Coach, Long Island Lutheran High School

"Teddy had a really good year at Westminster and I think his biggest improvement in the last year and what will continue to separate him going forward is his ability to score it at all three levels. He’s a gym rat and gets better every time I see him. Teddy will be an excellent college basketball player."
- Chris Diasparra, Owner, Crown Basketball

Scout's Take

Mangiarotti is a highly skilled guard and excellent shooter with a virtually pure release. He shoots just as well, if not better, off the dribble as he does the catch and his ability to create space and make tough step-backs is very unusual for someone his age. Combine that with his deep shooting range, and Mangiarotti has a lot of potential as a ball-handler and playmaker in pick-and-roll. He's not just a one-dimensional shooter though. He sees the floor well enough to make plays for other people, is super crafty with his dribble and also around the rim. 

Video Highlights