Rising Senior Spotlight - Kualim Johnson

Sunday, September 6th, 2020

Rising Senior Spotlight - Kualim Johnson

Prospects ascend at different times. 

For some, everything clicks early and it helps them make a name for themselves. 

For others, things tend to come together later. They might not be as well-known but actually those late bloomers tend to pan out more consistently than early bloomers. 

Kualim Johnson is one such potential late-bloomer. 

Prospect Profile

Height: 6'5"
Position: Wing
School: Marianapolis Prep
Academics: 3.5 Weighted GPA
Travel: Connecticut Elite


"I saw a lot of development from Kualim during his junior year and it has shown during his summer AAU period. He uses his athleticism and length exceptionally well on both ends of the floor. We're expecting big things from him for his senior year."
- Andrew Vitale, Head Coach, Marianapolis Prep

"Kualim has been making a name for himself this summer, he has been playing his best basketball and has the capabilities to develop a great set of tools that can help any program at all levels. He has a smooth stroke from 3pt but prefers to play off the bounce and showcase his athleticism. He plays both sides of the ball very well, has a high IQ, and is always composed. College coaches, you have a kid here who wants to play and win all the time. He is willing to work for everything he gets and has all the tools to help your program right away. The kid is a stud. He has untapped potential that's heading in the right direction."
- Dominique Langston, Head Coach, Connecticut Elite

Scout's Take

Johnson has a physical profile that jumps right out at you. He has good size on the wing, a sturdy build that should really blossom in a college weight room, athleticism to play up above the rim, and a willingness to play through contact. There's also a solid foundation of skill to keep developing. He has a solid left hand that allows him to attack off the bounce to either side and finish with both hands around the rim. There's untapped shooting potential as the ball comes off his hand cleanly. Overall, he shows a wealth of tools and potential, and has just started to put all of the pieces together. 

Video Highlights