Rising Senior Spotlight - Clifton Goode

Monday, June 8th, 2020

Rising Senior Spotlight - Clifton Goode

St. Paul's School forward Clifton Goode is a Virginia native who just finished his first season in the New England prep ranks. 

He is currently hearing from the likes of Union, Carnegie Mellon, Hamilton, RPI, and WPI with the goal of playing at the highest level possible while receiving a good education and majoring in engineering. 

It's very possible that he may just be scratching the surface of his potential though as both his rookie season in the NEPSAC and video highlights portray a player who is undeniably talented, already able to impact the game on both ends of the floor, and yet a long way away from realizing his full upside. 

Prospect Profile

Height: 6'6"
Position: Forward
School: St. Paul's School (NH)
Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA


Freshman Year: 4.0/5 GPA
Sophomore Year: 4.17/5 GPA
Junior Year: 4.5/5 GPA
Junior Year (SPS): 3.3/4
Testing: 27 ACT & 1220 SAT

Top Performances

12pts (75% FG) & 8rebs vs. Loomis Chaffee
9pts & 14rebs vs. Williston Northampton
22pts, 11rebs, & 5blks vs. Milton Academy


"Clif is a smart, skilled, and athletic two-way interior player who has worked very hard to turn himself into a stretch-4 outside threat. Inside, Clif is a natural rebounder and shot blocker. Clif is someone whose defensive impact is immediately noticeable. On offense, he has great hands, can finish well with both, and has a crafty back-to-the-basket game. This year, he was very confident and consistent out to 15-feet, and has a really nice shooting stroke and knocked down some threes for us. I have no doubt that Clif's 3-point shot will be a mainstay in our offense next year, as will his ability to take his defender off the dribble. What you get with Clif is efficient production; he impacts the game every second he's on the court—on both ends—and he doesn't make many mistakes."
- Max Gordon, St. Paul's School head coach

"My name is Jordan Geronimo and I had the honor of playing with Clif for my last year at St. Paul's in NH. First and foremost, Clif shows high levels of maturity when it comes to work ethic and sportsmanship. Clif was always a team player and was willing to do the dirty work for the team even though it allowed other players to shine. He hustles hard every time he steps on the courts and has the necessary dedication that helps make a team win. He is a great team player and is the kind of guy that if added to a team, could make it a whole lot better. Clif is a hard worker that leaves everything on the floor. "
- Jordan Geronimo, St. Paul's School teammate & Indiana commit 

Scouting Report

Goode already has a clear impact on both ends of the floor but may just be scratching the surface of his potential. He's mobile and active defensively, a high-volume rebounder, and even a pretty good shot-blocker with the potential to evolve into a multi-positional defender in the future. Offensively, he has a lot of tools - soft hands, dexterity, developing shooting touch. Putting the pieces all together and refining his overall game on that end is very likely just a matter of time, and when that happens his game will go to the next level. 

Video Highlights