Re-Ranking New England’s Class of 2017

Sunday, May 17th, 2020

Re-Ranking New England’s Class of 2017

Following the interest in last week's feature on Re-Ranking the Class of 2018, we opted to repeat the process on the previous recruiting cycle.

These exercises aren't just fun, they're informative from an evaluator's perspective, as we can zero in on traits and qualities that translated as we expected, and potentially others that did not. 

The class of 2017 was marked by heavy early expectations with players like Jermaine Samuels, Kimani Lawrence, Tomas Murphy, and Tremont Waters and ended up blossoming into a very deep class with the arrival and emergence of players like Hamidou Diallo, Jordan Nwora, Wabissa Bede, Hasahn French, and more. 

And while there are always some misses when you look back in retrospect, our final evaluations and rankings largedly hold-up pretty well, even three years later. 

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