Phone Rings for Class of 2012

New England Recruiting Report | Monday, June 14th, 2010

Phone Rings for Class of 2012

Today is June, 15th and that means it is the first day that college coaches are permitted to call players in the class of 2012. 

Up until this point NCAA rules have prohibited college coaches from directly contacting prospects in the class of 2012, so most college coaches will be dialing like telemarketers for the rest of the day. 

Guys like Andre Drummond, Alex Murphy, Khem Birch, Ricardo Ledo, Kaleb Tarczewski, and Nerlens Noel would probably do well to hire a secretary for the rest of the day as college coaches will only be too eager to let the blue chip prospects know they called them on the very first day allowed. 

But it won't just be the definite high-majors who see their phone ringing today as division I programs at every level will be hitting the phones hard today. 

Domonique Bull, Clyde Smith, Egi Gjikondi, Timajh Parker-Rivera, Rodell Wigginton, Andrew Chrabascz, Tafari Whittingham, Evan Cummins, Olivier Paul Betu, Nikolas Stauskas, Darwin Billingsley, Georges Niang, Kamali Bey, Kris Dunn, John Papale, Jake Layman, Tom Bajda, Chris Braley, Tommy Carpenter, Akosa Maduegbunam, and others should all keep their phones nearby. 

Coaches are allowed to call prospects in the class of 2012 once per month over the next year.  Next summer the allotted amount rises to twice per week per institution.  But prospects should be sure to check their email as coaches are allowed to communicate with them via the computure, text messages however are off limits.