Noel Flying Under Radar

New England Recruiting Report | Monday, February 1st, 2010

Noel Flying Under Radar

Notre Dame Prep is one of the hottest prep school teams in the entire country having recently taken the title at the Bridgton Academy tournament and also claiming wins over Winchendon, South Kent, MCI, Bridgton, and St. Thomas More. 

While players like Ron Giplaye, Jordair Jett, and Antonio Barton are generating most of the headlines, there is one player who has been right in the middle of the team’s success but is nonetheless still flying a little under the recruiting radar. 

Levi Noel is averaging close to double figures and has been one of the team’s most consistent and dependable players according to head coach Ryan Hurd.  Nevertheless, his recruitment still remains wide open. 

 “He doesn’t knock your socks off the first time you see him,” Hurd said “but if you see him three or four times you’re going to love him.”

To Hurd, Noel is the prototype mid-major swingman with good size on the wing (six-foot-five), a consistent shooting stroke, well rounded skill set, and very high basketball I.Q. 

So why aren’t college coaches lining up in the streets of Fitchburg?

“It’s easy to see the kid that averages 25 points per game,” Hurd said, “but sometimes you have to really watch to see the kid that makes the team work.”   

Much of Noel’s basketball instincts come from a childhood spent around the game.  His father played 15 years of professional basketball overseas and it was only this year that Noel came to the United States from his family’s home in England. 

Hurd points to this weekend’s National Prep School Invitational, where Notre Dame takes the court for three separate games, as a big opportunity to Noel to show coaches his true game.  He only hopes that coaches are watching carefully. 

“Sometimes when you need to get over the mountain, you don’t want the flashy Porsche, you want the reliable SUV.”