Niang Stars in Mansfield

Lucas Shapiro | Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Niang Stars in Mansfield

BABC’s U-16 team could not be stopped all day long. While opposing teams were missing many of their key players, BABC dominated without Jaylen Brantley, Shaquille Jones, and Egi Gjikondi.

With scores such as 100-28, 97-23, 83-45, and 72-62, BABC’s dominance was primarily a team effort. If there were any players who particularly stood out it would have to be Georges Niang and Jake Layman. Niang dominated the low post and put his soft touch on display. What was really impressive about Niang’s play was his intensity. Despite the margin on the scoreboard, he played every possession like it was his last. Against the Bay State Magic, Niang looked as if he were going to destroy anyone who got in his way, which led to a 32-point game.

As for Layman, his outside shot was falling consistently. Nearly every time he got an open look, the ball went in the basket. He also forced many turnovers with his tenacious defense.

Nerlens Noel, Domunique Bull, Jared Johnson, Wayne Selden, and Rene Castro also had some stretches in which they took over the game. Noel’s reputation as a shot blocker prevented anyone from driving to the hoop. Bull’s sheer strength could not be contained when driving to the hoop. Johnson, Selden, and Castro distributed and scored the ball well at appropriate times.

The most interesting story of the night was the new-look BABC U-15 team. It was their first time ever playing together and they clicked right from the tipoff. The team features Johnnie Vassar, Wayne Selden, Bobby Ahearn, Jonathan Joseph, Bonzie Colson, Luis Rodriguez, and Tyree Robinson. Vassar and Joseph were particularly impressive because despite their lack of size, they can each beat on anyone off of the dribble. Ahearn and Colson looked like a great pair since both are excellent passers. Rodriguez and Robinson provided an explosive scoring punch when needed.

The Bay State Magic Tournament will continue on Sunday with championship rounds being played at Mansfield Sports Complex.