New Prospect Videos Added

New England Recruiting Report | Thursday, November 1st, 2012

New Prospect Videos Added

The New England region is very fortunate to have so many quality providers of video content including the likes of (in alphabetical order) Ballas TV, Crusader 22 Productions, 2eZ Mixtapes, and Next Best Basketball among others.  

With the help of those four outlets, the NERR prospect database was recently updated to include new highlight videos for a variety of different players.  To view any of the new videos please click any of the player links below.  

Duncan Robinson from Ballas TV

Donovan Mitchell from Ballas TV

Sammy Mojica from Ballas TV

Dayshon Smith from Ballas TV

Kamali Bey from Ballas TV

Danny Eiber from Ballas TV

Wayne Selden from Crusader 22

Bobby Ahearn from Crusader 22

Mat Gerak from Crusader 22

Peter Rankowitz from Crusader 22

Jacquil Taylor from NBB

Chris McCullough from NBB

Shane Christie from NBB

Jared Wilson-Frame from NBB

Chris Baldwin from 2eZ

Josh Sharma from 2eZ

Jeff Spellman from 2eZ

Kealen Ives from 2eZ

Jarred Reuter from 2eZ

Mohamed Bah from 2eZ

Robert Champion from 2eZ

Patrick Benzan from LShapiro Productions

Sean McNally from independent source