New England 2013 Rankings Announced

New England Recruiting Report | Thursday, March 29th, 2012

New England 2013 Rankings Announced

Nerlens Noel’s decision to reclassify back to the class of 2012 made what was once a very easy decision into a suddenly very difficult one as there are now several players who could make legitimate cases to be the top ranked prospect in New England’s class of 2013.  

Vermont Academy’s Dominic Woodson is a sure fire high-major prospect and the only current New England product ranked within the ESPN Super 60.  

Kyle Washington owns high level physical tools along with a superior motor while teammate Austin Colbert may be the region’s most well known prospect at this point.  

Goodluck Okonoboh and Kuran Iverson are the incumbent top two players in the class, but that was before we added prospects new to the region like Woodson, Washington, Colbert, and Jamel Artis.  

Jaylen Brantley may hold as many high-major offers as anyone in the group while no one had a more productive junior year than Rene Castro.  

Ultimately, rankings are based on a player’s projected contributions at the next level.  That’s a recipe that attempts to balance both a player’s current production with their future potential.  

In Woodson’s case, the former didn’t match the latter with any type of consistency, but the undeniable truth is that he’s the only player in the region who offers an unmatched combination of physical tools and basketball skills.  He’s a monster of a man inside the lane and relatively skilled both inside and out.  He undoubtedly has lots to learn about efficiency before he can become a winning player at the highest level, but there is no doubt he will be recruited by those schools from here on out.  

Woodson’s spot atop the 2013 rankings is fragile at best and second ranked Washington, third ranked Brantley, and fourth ranked Castro all have a chance to unseat him heading into the summer with strong performances this spring.  

The rest of the top ten consists of Artis at five, Colbert at six, Okonoboh at seven, Iverson at eight, Andrew Chrabascz at nine, and Daquein McNeil at ten.  

In total the New England 2013 rankings include 25 players.  Be sure to visit our rankings page to see the list in its entirety.