NERR Prospect Database Updated

New England Recruiting Report | Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

NERR Prospect Database Updated

Differentiating between the number of players who claim they’re “going prep” and the number of guys who have actually solidified plans for such a move are two entirely different things. 

History has shown that inevitably the number of graduating seniors who claim they’re headed for a post-graduate year in the spring inevitably turns out to be much smaller by the time the summer comes to a close. 

It’s for that very reason that we at the New England Recruiting Report wait to update our prospect directory until the summer has played out and we have a chance to decipher between reported and confirmed moves.

With that in mind, today we will update the NERR player directory to reflect LOCAL players who are both joining the class of 2012 by virtue of a post-graduate year as well as players who are reclassifying to either 2013, 2014 or 2015. 

Following the directory update, we will wrap up the summer by releasing our updated rankings, beginning in the class of 2012 and then working our way down to 2013. 
Rankings in the 2014 and 2015 classes will not be announced until after the New England Elite 75 Showcase – Frosh/Soph Edition on September 17th. 

Of course, September will also mark the beginning of our annual prep swing as we tour the region’s top post-graduate programs to both preview the upcoming season as well as provide first hand analysis of top new prospects arriving on the scene. 

New to 2012: Zach Askew, Cheshire Academy; Oscar Assie, Putnam Science; Mike Boornazian, Wilbraham & Monson; Rohan Brown, Choate Rosemary Hall; Drew Crudup, Lee Academy; Matt Daley, Taft; Mike Odenwaelder, Canterbury; Al Torrens, Cheshire Academy; Joe Bramanti, Brewster Academy; Tevin Falzon, Winchendon; Connor Macomber, Cheshire Academy; Kachi Nzerem, Marianapolis Prep; Alex Furness, Cushing Academy; Tyler McFarland, Cushing Academy; Tristan Thomas, Maine Central Institute; Connor Green, Phillips Exeter; Jamie Holder, Notre Dame Prep; Troy Davine, Vermont Academy;  Jake Donnelly, Taft.

New to 2013: Will Defanti, Northfield Mount Hermon; Sam Donahue, Northfield Mount Hermon; Pete Miller, Northfield Mount Hermon; Maurice Taylor, Beaver Country Day; Chris Braley, Phillips Exeter Academy; Devin Gilligan, Kimball Union Academy; Max Motroni, Milton Academy.

New to 2014: Abdul-Malik Abu, Kimball Union Academy; Duby Maduegbunam, Kimball Union Academy; Malique McLaren, Winchendon; Jacquil Taylor, Beaver Country Day; Jared Terrell, New Hampton; Victor Udoji, Northfield Mount Hermon; Noah Vonleh, New Hampton; Matt Cimino, Worcester Academy; Mike Auger, New Hampton; Brice McCallister, Suffield Academy; Dimitri Floras, Kimball Union; Kaleb Joseph, Cushing Academy.

New to 2015: Aaron Falzon, St. Mark’s; Jonathan Joseph, Putnam Science Academy; Jarred Reuter, Tabor Academy.