NERR Adds Video Highlights! | Thursday, January 24th, 2008

NERR Adds Video Highlights!

The New England Recruiting Report now features highlight videos as part of a prospect’s profile page.  In order to see this footage you must click on the link of a player (either in an article, the rankings pages, or the prospect page) and visit their profile.  In addition to seeing a picture and list of articles in which they have been mentioned, now you will also see video highlights if they are available. 

The only way for any prospect to post their video on the NERR site is to create a highlight reel at  Once you have done that send an email to telling us you have finished your highlight reel at and we will post it to your NERR profile. 

Check Out Some of the Players Who Currently Have Video Highlights: 

Alex Oriakhi
Tucker Halpern
Toso Adebamowo
Alec Giusti
Justin Kuntz
Lambros Papalambros
Russell Rosenband
Denzel Brito
Keith Brown
Kyle Casey
Greg Jacques
Alex Levine
Shaine Burks
James Morse
Max Gordon
Jeff Holmes

Click Here to Visit and Create Your Highlight Reel Now