NCAA Academies Tip This Week

Monday, July 22nd, 2019

NCAA Academies Tip This Week

The final week of the NCAA's newly designed recruiting calendar takes place this week. It began in late June with two weekends of scholastic events. In July, the once 15-day "live period" was trimmed to just four days of AAU style events. Now, the final week includes only the NCAA's College Basketball Academies, run by the NCAA themselves. 

Four regional academies will take place across the country, with two three-day sessions in each location. 

In the east, the University of Connecticut is hosting the academy. The lead instructors are Pete Gillen, a longtime college head coach at places like Virginia and Providence, and Mitch Buonaguro, a former head coach at Siena. The commissioner is former Boston College head coach Al Skinner while assistant commissioners will include former Fairfield head coach Sydney Johnson. 

The action tips first thing Tuesday morning and goes through the first half of the day on Thursday. The full schedule is avaiable here. 

The full roster for session I is available here and includes the likes of John Adams, Asa Beyah, Jackson Benigni, Dan Braster, Miles Brewster, Reece Brown, Ben Callahan-Gold, Will Dorion, Myles Foster, Aaron Gray, Andrew Hartel, Kurtis Henderson, Alex Karaban, Tyler Kolek, Gus Larson, Jalen Leach, Judson Martindale, Josh Menard, Jack Molloy, Michael Rabinovich, Guy Ragland, Josh Reaves, Mikey West, Tyler Whitney-Sidney, and Quron Zene