National Prep Showcase – Top Performers

New England Recruiting Report | Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

National Prep Showcase – Top Performers

The emphasis was on the teams throughout the majority of our weekend coverage of the National Prep Showcase, but with close to 200 college coaches, 30 different media outlets, and 2 NBA teams checking in throughout the three days of action, the showcase undoubtedly provided players with an opportunity to show their stuff.  Here is a look at who took advantage:

Class of 2010

Bryon Allen, St. Thomas More – Best available point guard in region and he proved it this weekend. 

Vaughn Allen, Lee Academy – The difference from Friday to Saturday was like night to day as Allen made a much bigger impact when playing inside out. 

Billy Baron, Worcester Academy – If there was anyone left who doubted his ability to will his team to a victory hopefully they saw his performance on Saturday. 

Thomas Bropleh, New Hampton – “I wish we had a scholarship left.  If I was in the America East I would have offered yesterday.” – mid-major assistant

Kyle Cain, New Hampton – The baby hook on the block gives this explosive athlete a nice added dimension to his game. 

Austin Carroll, Brewster Academy – If Brewster fulfills their potential this year “Elmer” will be the glue that holds it all together. 

Gerard Coleman, Tilton – “How is he ranked in the 60’s?  He’s better right now than Will Barton.” – Jonathon Givony, President/Director of Scouting, Draft Express

Matt Conway, St. Thomas More – Scored efficiently throughout the weekend and left with more suitors than he had coming in. 

Melvin Ejim, Brewster Academy – His commitment to Iowa State wasn’t seen as big news a few months back.  A few years from now it may be a different story. 

C.J. Fair, Syracuse – Long, athletic, and active, it was easy to see why Jim Boeheim thinks Fair will be a good fit in the 2-3 zone. 

Eric Ferguson, Winchendon – If Georgia Southern coach Charlton Young weren’t his godfather where would he be headed next year?  Probably the Big East. 

Ron Giplaye, Notre Dame Prep – “We just couldn’t match up with their lefty big kid,” said Champlain head coach John Dangelas.  Believe it or not Giplaye’s not left handed. 

Hector Harold, Northfield Mount Hermon – One of Sunday’s biggest stars.  If he plays that well consistently he’ll end up being a steal for Pepperdine. 

David Hanson, Lee Academy – His dad could score and so can he – shoots the 3, creates space in the mid-range area, and elusive with dribble. 

Alexander Harris, Bridgton Academy – We’ve liked him every time we’ve seen him and given the lack of point guards on the market he’ll end up with plenty of options. 

Lenzie Harrison, Lee Academy – Good things come in small packages with lock down defender, one man fast break, and super quick slasher. 

Djurisic Hemanja, South Kent – The buzzer beater just punctuated a weekend that saw him draw interest from a variety of programs. 

Ashton Khan, Brewster Academy – Seven high major guys on the roster and Khan is the one who gets 25 points and 5 assists. 

Brady Heslip, New Hampton – He’s tough as nails and capable of catching fire from deep at any time – he’ll be a great fit at B.C.   

Dominique Langston, St. Thomas More – Albertus Magnus College is less than 10 minutes from Quinnipiac and Langston looks like a potential star in this area. 

Cleveland Melvin, Notre Dame Prep – We knew he was a runner and a jumper, but he showed the potential to make rebounding the ball an added niche. 

Justin Miller, Bridgton Academy – “Who’s #34?  He’s got a great body.” – Jonathon Givony, President/Director of Scouting, Draft Express

J.J. Moore, South Kent – Incredible how much he’s improved in last year.  He’s truly a complete package offensively. 

Lamount Samuell, Notre Dame – Yes he pounds the ball a little bit, but when he goes by his man every time is it really such a bad thing? 

Russell Smith, South Kent – In a word…EXPLOSIVE.  Check out the proof

Evan Smotrycz, New Hampton – He’s determined to score when he catches the ball and one way or another he gets it done. 

Deshaun Wiggins, Bridgton Academy – Most people only dream about making half court buzzer beaters to win games. 

Akeem Williams, Winchendon – Lots of d1’s out there are still looking for a point and Williams made a solid case this weekend with two strong outings.   

Chris Williams, Wilbraham & Monson – Definitely seized an opportunity to stand out Friday with 18 points in a variety of ways. 

Class of 2011

Patrick Ackerman, Worcester Academy – “Has plenty of work to do but upper mids and lower level high-majors need to begin a file on him.” – Dave Telep, 

Trahson Burrell, St. Thomas More – Shooting stroke is fixed and athleticism/point forward skills were never broken. 

Danny Lawhorn, South Kent – He’s obviously learned a lot about how to play the point and run a team the right way in the last few months. 

Joe Sharkey, Northfield Mount Hermon – Had finger prints all over opening win with contributions in numerous areas resulting in solid overall floor game. 

Class of 2012

Khem Birch, Winchendon - He dominated at times on athleticism alone, imagine him in three years when his skills have come along...

Olivier Paul Betu, Worcester Academy – Love his instincts and overall feel for the game and excited to watch him for the next three years. 

Andre Drummond, St. Thomas More – Stress fracture is healed and while he’s just getting his feet under him, his bulked up frame and expanded low post game impressed. 

Ricardo Ledo, St. Andrew’s – 27 points against a great defensive team…not bad for a debut prep performance. 

Georges Niang, Tilton – It’s one thing to watch him score at will in a Tilton open gym, it’s a whole other thing to watch him do it against Bridgton Academy. 

Nikolas Stauskas, South Kent – Got his chance in Sunday’s second half and didn’t disappoint by burying three trifectas. 

Class of 2013

Goodluck Okonoboh – Didn’t look like a freshman when he was finishing in traffic and blocking shots out of bounds against Bridgton. 

Look Who Was Watching

Close to 200 college coaches checked in throughout the three days including the likes of UConn, Kansas, Texas, Wake Forest, Michigan, Providence, West Virginia, Baylor, Missouri, Georgia, Marquette, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Washington, Northwestern, Rutgers, Seton Hall, St. John’s, Iowa State, UNLV, Nevada, and New Mexico State.