National Prep Showcase Begins Today | Thursday, November 15th, 2007

National Prep Showcase Begins Today

Local fans of high school basketball are in for a big treat this weekend as the National Prep Showcase comes to the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.  The three day event begins today at 1pm and will continue throughout the weekend.  Tickets are available at the door with discounted rates available for children under the age of ten. 

The National Prep Showcase serves as the unofficial kick-off to the prep school season and hosts all of the nation’s best teams.  Last year the event drew over 100 college coaches as well as 30 members of the national media.  Below is a copy of the weekend’s schedule as well as a small sample of some of the top players in the field. 


Friday, November 16th
1 p.m. – St. Thomas More (Conn.) vs. Massanutten Military Academy (Va.)
2:40 p.m. – Notre Dame Prep (Mass.) vs. Fork Union Military Academy (Va.)
4:20 p.m. – Maine Central Institute (Maine) vs. Summit Prep (Calif.)
6 p.m. – Winchendon School (Mass.) vs. Hargrave Military Academy (Va.)
7:40 p.m. - Bridgton Academy (Maine) vs. Patterson School (N.C.)

Saturday, November 17th
9 a.m. – Maine Central Institute (Maine) vs. Massanutten Military Academy (Va.)
10:30 a.m. – Notre Dame Prep (Mass.) vs. Hargrave Military Academy (Va.)
12 p.m. – St. Thomas More (Conn.) vs. Lee Academy (Maine)
1: 30 p.m. – Brewster Academy (N.H.) vs. Fork Union Military Academy (Va.)
3 p.m. – Winchendon School (Mass.) vs. American Christian (Pa.)
4:30 p.m. – Northfield Mt. Hermon (Mass.) vs. Champlain St. Lambert (Canada)
6 p.m. – New Hampton (N.H.) vs. Patterson School (N.C.)
7:30 p.m. –Bridgton Academy (Maine) vs. Summit Prep (Calif.)
9 p.m. – South Kent (Conn.) vs. Findlay Prep (Nev.)

Sunday, November 18th
10 a.m. – Worcester Academy (Mass.) vs. Lee Academy (Maine)
11:30 a.m. – Brewster Academy (N.H.) vs. Patterson School (N.C.)
1 p.m.– Tilton School (N.H.) vs. Champlain St. Lambert (Canada)
2:30 p.m. – Northfield Mt. Hermon (Mass.) vs. American Christian (Pa.)
4 p.m. – South Kent (Conn.) vs. Summit Prep (Calif.)
5:30 p.m. – New Hampton (N.H.) vs. Findlay Prep (Nev.)

Top Players in the Field

American Christian
#1 Tyreke Evans, ‘08, G, Ranked 3rd in Nation
#22 Oscar Griffin, ’09, G, Ranked 58th in Nation
#12 Lamont Jones, ’09, G, Ranked 74th in Nation, Committed to Louisville

Brewster Academy
#32 Emmanuel Negedu, ’08, PF, Ranked 16th in Nation, Committed to Arizona
#1 Anthony Crater, ’08, PG, Ranked 62nd in Nation, Committed to Ohio State
#10 Mark Lyons, ’08, PG, Ranked 120th in Nation, Committed to Xavier

Findlay Prep
#3 DeAndre Liggins, ’08, PF, Ranked 20th in Nation, Committed to Kentucky
#4 Deividas Dulkys, ’08, G, Ranked 65th in Nation, Committed to Florida State
#23 Clarence Trent, ’09, PF, Ranked 32nd in Nation

Hargrave Military Academy
#33 Chris Braswell, ’08, PF, Ranked 52nd in Nation, Committed to Georgetown
#12 Roscoe Davis, ’08, F, Ranked 59th in Nation, Committed to West Virginia
#1 Dee Bost, ’08, G, Ranked 127th in Nation, Committed to Mississippi State

Notre Dame Prep
#44 Terrence Jennings, ’08, PF, Ranked 15th in Nation, Committed to Louisville
#23 Melquan Bolding, ’08, G, Ranked 143rd in Nation, Committed to Louisville

Patterson School
#4 Courtney Fortson, ’08, G, Ranked 59th in Nation, Committed to Arkansas
#21 Nate Miles, ’08, G/F, Ranked 44th in Nation, Committed to UConn
#30 Matt Simpkins, ’08, PF, Ranked 47th in Nation

South Kent
#1 Isaiah Thomas, ’08, G, Ranked 89th in Nation, Committed to Washington
#22 Maurice Creek, ’09, G/F, Ranked 38th in Nation
#11 Dion Waiters, ’10, G, Ranked 5th in Nation

St. Thomas More
#22 Devin Ebanks, ’08, SF, Ranked 13th in Nation, Committed to Indiana

#33 Alex Oriakhi, ’09, PF, Ranked 19th in Nation, Committed to Connecticut
#66 Jamal Coombs, ’09, G, Ranked 66th in Nation, Committed to Connecticut

#40, John Riek, ’08, C, Ranked 1st in Nation