MA & NH Report Classic - Event Recap

Nick Restifo | Saturday, March 19th, 2011

MA & NH Report Classic - Event Recap

Friday night’s Massachusetts and New Hampshire Basketball Report Showcase featured some of the best basketball players in the region, and allowed them the chance to demonstrate their skills. Here were the standouts.


Ricardo Ledo, SG/SF – Ledo had the best night of anyone at the event. He put on an offensive clinic at the showcase and scored from all areas of the floor. On par athletically with the most quick and explosive at the showcase, Ledo truly shined in the way he made use of his natural gifts. Ledo drilled several threes over the course of the event, some of them from well beyond the arc, and he shoots the ball with both proper mechanics and spectacular lift. Ledo is a very high percentage shooter off the jab, even from three point range, and is not afraid to pull if given the space. Ledo also showcased very strong court awareness. He is very aware of his own body movements, a quality sometimes not always possessed by developing high school players; and he almost always made the appropriate play, whether that be a eurostep attack to the weak side of the hoop or a kick out to his open teammate. Ledo’s crossover was extremely quick, but was unique in that it is particularly reactive, he would often cross back to his other hand if he was not pleased with the separation achieved and his crossover was just as deadly coming back as it was going there.  When he got into the paint, Ledo was an extremely adept at finishing regardless of contact, and he possessed several counters to defenders shifting over to help. His spin move is particularly devastating, and a ridiculously quick one drew several oohs and ahhs from the crowd.

Jared Terrell, SG/SF – Terrell, who was placed on Ledo’s team, fed off the attention Ledo received all night. Terrell is an explosive and bullish scorer who is not afraid of contact and scores in bunches. Terrell’s mid range game is quite strong, and he consistently hit jump shots off the dribble from the elbow and free throw line area. Terrell has a quick crossover move, but the move he most exploited was a go-to hesitation dribble which he effectively and consistently used to get defenders on their heels and then explode by them. Rebounding wise, Terrell always seemed to be in the right place at the right time at the event, as he grabbed several rebounds, despite being one of his team’s primary ball handlers. He was just as hungry to get the ball as he was to score.

Akosa Maduegbunam, SG/SF – Maduegbunam had a tendency to start off his games quickly, and always seemed to score within the first two or three possessions. Strong and incredibly quick with the potential to be an excellent finisher, Madue used this event to show off his devastating long-range game. Maduegbunam rained in threes from all around the arc, and he is an excellent shooter from range. His shooting form is beautiful, and he really gets his legs into his shot. When Maduegbunam left his feet, he had an impressive ability to maintain his position in the air, showcasing an excellent sense of body control and balance. His notable shooting performance was not even deterred by the shots he missed. His missed jump shots would always knock around on the rim several times before barely popping out.

Demitry Coronell, SF – Coronell has a strong mid-range game, but his real strength is putting the ball on the floor. Coronell is an effective penetrator with impressive hang-time and amazing body control after contact. Coronell scored a lot during the event and possesses an uncanny ability to finish drives he shouldn’t be able to.

Dimitri Floras, PG/SG – Floras showed off his ankle breaking and world-devastating handle, most notably during the drills session at Friday’s showcase. The 1v1 station was his, and he absolutely abused opponents with ultra quick crossovers and counter dribble moves. During games, Floras demonstrated his mid-range savvy as well, knocking down several 15 footers off the dribble; a skill set that perfectly complements his ability to kill defenders off the dribble.

Cedric Kuakumensah, PF/C – Kuakumensah was a rebounding machine Friday night, corralling missed shots on both the offensive and defensive glass. With the ball in his hand, Kuakmensah showcased the ability to finish indiscriminately between his left and right hand because he had a feathery touch with either. Kuakumensah also showed that he can stretch the defense and keep them honest by hitting jumpers out to 17 feet with good lift and sound mechanics.

Noah Vonleh, SF – The best athlete at the event, Vonleh was a presence on the glass at both ends and did not spend much time floating to the perimeter, instead deciding to take his height and length down low, where its advantage would be maximized. Vonleh had several big blocks, and is beginning to become a bit of a defensive stopper down low.
Cornelius Tyson, PG – Tyson is incredibly fast and has a very refined handle. He has an almost funny flair for the fancy on the pass or the dribble, and is very fun to watch play. Tyson had several blocks on the night, displaying superb block timing for a guard.

Jaylen Blakely, PG – Blakely has an ankle breaking crossover with super speed to match. He showcased good decision making on Friday night and almost always made the right pass.

Alex Brown, PG/SG – One of the smallest kids there carrying one of the biggest hearts, Brown arguably had the best night of anyone at the event not named Ledo. Brown displayed a strong ball handling ability and impressive speed, that was notably displayed when he was hustling up and down the court. Brown scored a lot for his team, by both knocking down several jumpers from mid range and aggressively attacking the rim off the dribble. His final dribble was always authoritative, even if he was preparing to lean into someone much taller than he, and he finished well around the basket.


Zach Auguste, F – Auguste is still oozing potential with his huge wingspan and soft touch. He even hit a three pointer Friday night, showing flashes of a developing outside game.

David Labossiere, PG/ SG – Labossiere effectively got into the paint all night and showcased a strong passing ability once he got there. Explosive, Labossiere could accelerate from zero to full speed almost instantaneously, and shot very consistently when his feet were firmly set.

Joey Flannery, SF/PF – Flannery’s unorthodox shooting form retained a soft touch, and he was able to convert several threes on Friday night. He had a keen sense of positioning, was constantly seen under the boards, and rebounded very well over the course of the event. With the ball close to the basket, he used his height well to finish over opponents, whether off the drive or in the post.

Ben Judson, SG – Judson is fun to watch because he seems to take great joy in making the right basketball play. This lefty loved to make the extra pass to his teammates Friday night, and shot a good percentage from outside as well.

Andrew Lechner, SG – Lechner scored well Friday night, and displayed both a strong off (left) hand and a sense of creativity when taking it to the basket. He hit a few outside shots, including a three, and rebounded the ball well on both ends of the floor, especially for a guard.

Sean Dorcaster, SG/SF/PF – Dorcaster is capable of playing multiple positions, and his biggest strength is his ability to finish seamlessly with either his left or right hand over either shoulder. Dorcaser scored a lot at the event, but all of his points seemed to come within the team mechanic, and none were forced.

Kenny Reed, PG – Reed was a very creative passer at the event, and his highlights included two beautiful passes; one no-look from half court to a big underneath, and another  pass between the legs on the fastbreak to the trailer. 

Thomas Galenck, PG/SG – Galenck is a tenacious on ball defender and strong spot up shooter who always makes the right pass.

Christian Moreneueck, PF – On the offensive end, Moreneueck showcased a good go-to hook shot and a soft touch inside. Defensively, he is patient, disciplined, and keeps his hands up.

Jordan Lates, PG – Lates did a very good job running the point for his team, effectively distributing the ball to all of his teammates with limited turnovers; despite a breakneck speed play style.

Aaron Todd, PF – Todd scored very well around the basket with a soft touch and when no one expected him too. He is able to use both hands, and can even finish reverse layups with either hand from both sides of the hoop.

Nick Cambio, PF/C – Cambio changed shots with his length on the defensive end, and has good shooting mechanics for a big man.

Jalen Adams, PG – Adams shot the long ball very well, making several threes over the course of the event.

Max Gouveia, SG – Gouveia showed off a soft shooting touch with a confidence to match, as well as converting several tough finishes.

Quentin Bullen, SG/SF – Bullen had some nice looks and strong finishes, and even got into perfect defensive stance on a fastbreak to draw a charge.

Mark Mellanson, SG – Mellanson hit several threes on the night and showed off a super quick release.

Bobby Lumbard, SG – Despite being pitted against much larger opponents, Lumbard rarely seemed intimidated and shot the ball very well on the night.

David Brown, PG – Brown made some very nice passes Friday night.

Kevin O’Conner, SG/SF – O’Conner is a good shooter with pure mechanics who let the game come to him.