ISL Announces All-League Team

New England Recruiting Report | Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

ISL Announces All-League Team

The ISL announced their all-league team this week while naming St. Mark's junior forward Alex Murphy as the league's Most Valuable Player.  Murphy led St. Mark's to a 26-2 overall record in the regular season while going undefeated in ISL league play. 

1st Team All-ISL

Patrick Benzan, Roxbury Latin, 2014; Phil Hession, Nobles, 2011; Marcus Grant, Lawrence Academy, 2011; Dan Giovacchini, Lawrence Academy, 2011; Harrison Glor, Belmont Hill, 2011; Dan Slavin, BB&N, 2011; Eric Olson, BB&N, 2012; Tyson Hallowell, Middlesex, 2012; David Caldwell, Groton, 2013; Matt Hennrikus, Groton, 2011; Brian Hurley, Thayer, 2012; Jeremy Phillips, St. George's, 2011; Kyle Reardon, Rivers, 2012; Tarik Smith, St. Paul's, 2012; Harrison Taggart, St. Paul's, 2013; Deric McCottrell, St. Sebastian's, 2011; Anthony Barry, Brooks, 2012; Aaron Davis, Brooks, 2012; Connor Mahoney, Brooks, 2012; Kaleb Tarczewski, St. Mark's, 2012; Alex Murphy, St. Mark's, 2012; Eric Green, St. Mark's, 2012; Nikolas Stauskas, St. Mark's, 2012; Dennis clifford, Milton Academy, 2011; Jesse Pagliuca, Milton Academy, 2012; Travis Sheldon, Milton Academy, 2012; James Gomes, Governor's, 2011.

Honorable Mention

Sean Myers, Roxbury Latin, 2013; Tom Kelly, Nobles, 2011; Brian Edgerley, Nobles 2011; Clay Horne, Lawrence Academy, 2011; Sam Myers, Belmont Hill, 2011, Brendan O'Neil, BB&N, 2013; Alozie Erondu, Groton, 2011; Thomas Logue, Thayer, 2012; Jaleel Wheeler, St. George's, 2012; Nick Lund, Rivers, 2012; Carlin Haymon, Rivers, 2014; Shaquor Sandiford, Rivers, 2012; Josh Herrera, St. Paul's, 2012; Jared Neves, St. Paul's, 2013; Kevin Zabo, St. Mark's, 2014.