Introducing Aaron Cosby

New England Recruiting Report | Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Introducing Aaron Cosby

Aaron Cosby’s name is one that sounds familiar to many basketball fans in New England.  They know they’ve heard the name before they just can’t remember where. 

Two years ago when Travis Ford was still the head coach at the University of Massachusetts, he scored a commitment from a rising sophomore from his home state of Kentucky…that young point guard was Aaron Cosby. 

When Ford left for Oklahoma State, Cosby opted to re-open his recruitment.  Ironically, he still ended up playing basketball in Massachusetts, but as a repeat junior at the Northfield Mount Hermon School. 

“I committed to UMass at the end of my freshman year,” Cosby told the New England Recruiting Report.  “I committed to play for Coach Ford and once he left I felt like I needed to look at all of my options.”

Since that time Cosby has picked up new scholarship offers from schools including Indiana, Minnesota, and (yup you guessed it) Oklahoma State.  Additionally, schools like Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Arizona, USC, Boston College, Stanford, Cincinnati, West Virginia, and others are all expected to visit the NMH campus this fall to evaluate the junior guard. 

 “I knew I wanted to play in New England because it has the reputation for being one of the best leagues in the country,” he said, “and I came to NMH to be challenged on the court and in the classroom.” 

Cosby gives NMH a dynamic playmaker to run their point for the next two years. 

“I’ve always been more of a scorer, but I’m developing my point guard skills,” he said.  “I’m working on getting my teammates involved and getting my shots at the same time.” 

When the New England Recruiting Report visited the NMH gym last week it looked like Cosby was making the adjustment pretty quickly.  He was doing a nice job of distributing the ball while still finding opportunities to dart to the basket or launch his three-point jumper. 

“I think he’s the piece that takes us to another level,” said NMH head coach John Carroll.  “He’s committed to being a leader and it comes naturally to him.  His game is college ready right now and his teammates enjoy being around him.” 

“Aaron’s challenge is to transition from being the man to being among men.” 

If he can do that then NMH has two very special years in front of them.