How Does Exposure Work Now?

Friday, July 24th, 2020

How Does Exposure Work Now?

It has been four months since COVID-19 dramatically altered daily life here in New England. 

In our tiny corner of the world, basketball was essentially shut-down at all levels and while balls are just starting to bounce again, the reality is that this is anything but a normal summer. 

The NCAA recruiting period was cancelled in both the spring and the summer, and with cases continuing to spike across the country, chances are the fall will follow suit. 

At NERR, we cancelled all of our spring and summmer events, and pioneered virtual platforms to generate exposure for local prospects. 

For the rest of the summer, we're offering teams and prospects access to exposure in two primary ways:

NERR-TV Virtual Showcase

An extension of the program first developed in March that saw 23 players commit to scholarship level schools and all 50 unsigned seniors commit to college basketball programs, the NERR-TV Virtual Showcase is now open to any grade, 9th - 12th (middle school prospects have a comparable program available on HoopRootz). 

This platform is designed for individual prospects, not teams, and consolidates every piece of information a college coach could be looking for in one spot - film, recommendations, stats, an unbiased scouting report, and more. 

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Be Seen Tour

For teams looking for exposure this summer, we created the Be Seen Tour, an opportunity for NERR to come to you and bring with us all the same elements of a typical NERR event - photos and profiles for prospects, articles, and social media coverage. Additionally, through a collaboration with Hoop Major, we'll create an extended movie trailer featuring your program and top individual prospects, that can be sent to college coaches to summarize the recruitable student-athletes in your program from an unbiased perspective. 

Most importantly, we take all safety protocols very seriously. We'll be wearing masks the entire time and maintaining physical distancing. In short, if you're already in the gym practicing or working out, then we can come to you and provide everything you're missing from our normal events at a fraction of the cost.

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