Hoopville Elite 8 - Saturday Recap

Lucas Shapiro | Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Hoopville Elite 8 - Saturday Recap

The Hoopville Elite 8 continued on Saturday with another set of local players standing out. 

Top Performers

Ricardo Ledo, Expressions Elite, 2012 - After being named the 11th best prospect in the class of 2012 by ESPN, Ledo did not fail to disappoint. He knows how to play at many different speeds. At times, he was struggling to find his jump shot, so he stuck to driving to the basket. In the two games in which he played in, Ledo combined for 27 points. He also showed flashes of his great defensive potential. While he isn’t known as a shutdown defender, when Ledo kept his hands up on defense, it was very difficult for opponents to score.

Jaylen Brantley, BABC, 2012 - Brantley took off from where he started on Friday and continued to dominate. This has really been a breakout spring for Brantley and scouts will be turning their heads sooner or later. If he can add some bulk to his frame, he may soar up the rankings. Brantley scored 22 points with ease against Mount Vernon.

Other Notable Performers

Ramon Gibbons, Expressions Elite, 2013 - Gibbons is great at controlling games. He takes his time and knows when he needs to take over. He is also great at getting his teammates involved. If you looked at his 14 points in the box score, you might not have been impressed, but you have to watch Gibbons to understand that he is a great player.

Jacquil Taylor, Greater Boston Lions, 2013 - Taylor is another guy whose impact cannot be measured in the box score. On the defensive end, he alters and blocks almost every shot that comes in the lane. He knows how to avoid fouling players driving in the lane when he is blocking their shot. He is not even close to a finished product yet but Taylor is going to be a great player down the line if he keeps working hard.

Jake Layman, BABC, 2012 - Despite playing the wing for a majority of the time he played, Laymon was ferocious on the offensive boards. He has a great motor, which is why he scores numerous baskets from running the floor and getting put-backs.

LQuan Arnum, BABC, 2013 - BABC’s U15 team has many weapons, but their secret weapon in today’s game was Arnum. Nearly everytime that the New York Panthers dribbled up the court, Arnum would give the Panthers problems. He got many steals and scored off of many of them. Defensively, he is very talented and should look to improve his offensive to become a great all-around player.