Hoop Mountain SWII - Wednesday Recap

Ephraim McDowell | Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Hoop Mountain SWII - Wednesday Recap


Wednesday was another full day of action at Super Week 2. With all the talent in the gym, it is not surprising that many of the same Division 1 coaches that were present on Tuesday came back for a second look, as well as a variety of newcomers. Games were hotly contested and well-played, with every team featuring multiple scholarship-level players looking to impress the coaches on hand.

Top Single Game Performances


Tavon Allen, Worcester Academy- Facing a team with many of his former Hillhouse teammates, Allen put on a show that forced the whole gym to turn its attention to his court. In succession, he dunked on a helpless defender in transition, made two threes off the dribble, and made a no-look pass to a teammate for a lay-up. Allen demonstrated the innate ability to take over a game, especially in a transition setting.


Rene Castro, Beaver Country Day- Just like yesterday, Rene went crazy for a quarter in his afternoon game. In the third period, Castro netted 20 points on a devastating array of deep jumpers off both the catch and dribble. If the knock on Castro is that he can’t shoot, he quieted critics Wednesday with his lights out performance from beyond the arch.


Phil Gaetano, Brandon Sherrod, DeShawn Murphy, Choate Rosemary Hall- The future prep school teammates sparked an impressive fourth quarter comeback victory in their team’s first playoff game. Gaetano orchestrated the offense, giving directions to his teammates on the floor. Embodying what it means to be a consummate point guard, Gaetano is the best talker on the floor at all times. Meanwhile, Sherrod did the dirty work in the paint, controlling the glass and scoring when he got it on the block. Murphy was the scorer on the wing, hitting threes on the break and getting to the basket in two or three efficient dribbles. When all was said and done, the cohesive threesome had led their team to a double digit victory, after trailing to start the fourth.


Jared Reuter, St. Mark’s- There’s no “filling out” needed for this kid—his body is college ready at age 15. Even more remarkable is his mobility. He beats opposing defenders down the floor time and time again to catch passes in transition or clean up the offensive boards. In his morning game, Reuter was exceptional on the glass, in transition, and around the basket. Once his back to the basket game becomes more polished, which it certainly will in time, Reuter will be an absolute load for anyone in the painted area.

Can’t Miss


Jake Layman, King Phillip- Layman can handle, pass, and shoot at 6’8, and he looks smooth doing it. This kid is a definite stud that has everyone at camp raving about his ability.


Zach Auguste, New Hampton- Undoubtedly a special player, Auguste is uniquely agile at his size. He can handle the ball and start the break himself when he grabs a defensive board. Auguste is supremely gifted and will play college basketball at the highest level.


Dennis Clifford, Milton Academy- While the play at Super Week 2 has been quick and guard-dominated, Clifford has found a way to make an impact, whether it is on put-backs or lunge moves and finishes off guard penetration.


Kuran Iverson, Northwest Catholic- There is no one more talented in the gym. Period. When he plays hard, the 6’10 Iverson is so impressive because of his ability to move and handle the ball like a guard. He has not shot the ball consistently this week, but his sheer ability and potential are astounding.


Eric Katenda, Cheshire Academy- When Katenda wants to score, he does. He is skilled, long, and athletic, and when he decides to go to the rim, he won’t be denied.


Jake Fay, Brimmer and May- Fay is garnering a ton of buzz from mid major college coaches at camp this week. His release his so quick because of his excellent shot preparation. He only needs a split second to fire, and believe me, he won’t ever turn a shot down, which is a great thing when you shoot it as well as he does.

Solid Throughout


Gabas Maldunas, Holderness- Maldunas has opened many eyes at camp this week, performing at a consistently high level throughout. His footwork on the block is excellent; he can run and jump on the break; and he is very active on the glass. Super Week 2 has solidified Maldunas as a certain scholarship-level talent in the class of 2012.


Matt Cimino, Cheverus HS- The face up 4 man made a killing on trail three-pointers in transition and is undoubtedly a youngster with a huge upside with his long build and smooth skill set. 


Patrick Ackerman, Worcester Academy- Ackerman's level of play began to rise on Wednesday after struggling to find his groove over the first two days of camp.  He played very hard and showed off a nice, soft touch in a one on one battle with Imoh Silas.


Samir McDaniels, New Mission- A bull of guard, McDaniels’ strength and athleticism help him power his way to the rim. Small guards beware—McDaniels will take you to the rack at will.


Tylon Smith, Kingswood Oxford- Smith took over in the second quarter of his afternoon game, going by people with a change-of-pace dribble. He knows how to get to where he wants on the court, even without the blazing speed of many of the other guards at camp.


Xavier Braham, Wilbraham and Monson- Showing a very versatile game, Brahm posted people up on the block, scored in transition, and elevated for finishes in traffic. Another big, strong wing, Brahm can pose matchup problems for undersized 2’s and 3’s.


Tyler McFarland, Camden Hills- 6’5 with a ripped physique and definite toughness and intangibles, it is hard not to like McFarland. Couple that with the fact that he can shoot the ball consistently, and it’s easy to see why McFarland’s recruiting stock has shot up this week.


Ryan Romich, Vermont Academy- Doing what he does best, Romich has gotten out on the break to run and dunk. Like so many players at camp, Romich’s game is dependent on the pace of play. When the game speeds up, there is no one better at running the wing than Romich.


Cedric Kuakumensah, Worcester North- Kuakamensah used his size and bulk to rebound, block shots, and score off of guard penetration.


Tarik Smith, St. Paul’s- One of the most consistent guards at camp this week, Smith has exhibited his lightning speed and shiftiness. One coach told me he thought that Smith had the best crossover at camp—that is quite a statement considering the plethora of great guards this week.


Joe Mussachia, Manchester HS- Mussachia played very well in his afternoon game, matching up against Brandon Sherrod. He competed and played very tough, which is customary for Mussachia, who is always a hard-nosed player. He finished his drives and made some open jumpers, showing a well-rounded offensive game.


Pete Miller, Winchester HS- A fundamentally sound underclassmen, Miller is a nice post prospect. He boxed out consistently, kept the ball high above his 6’8 frame, and scored with a nice touch off the glass.


Ousmane Drame, Marianapolis- Still very raw, Drame is gradually getting better with the ball. On one play Wednesday, Drame faked a hand off to a guard before turning the corner, taking two hard dribbles and finishing at the rim.


Maurice Taylor, Cambridge Ringe and Latin- Still a baby physically, Taylor was nevertheless one of the top wing players at camp this week. His length and athleticism are tremendous, and he has shown a nice mid-range game.


Mabor Gabriel, Trinity- With long, loping strides, Gabriel covers a ton of ground with the dribble. The 6’6 wing can handle the ball and get to the rim. Only a rising sophomore, Gabriel has high-level tools and potential.


Jules Tavares, Wilbraham and Monson- Simply put, Tavares is an explosive athlete. He jumps out of the gym, and his eyes light up when he’s in the open court. Tavares has made good decisions and played to good reviews both Tuesday and Wednesday.


Andrew Chrabascz, Cushing Academy- Chrabascz is just a good all-around player who is at his best attacking off the dribble. More of a role player on his BABC team, Chrabascz scored a ton of points this week, as he had to shoulder the majority of his team’s offensive load.


Tony Lester, Tilton- The Charlotte native will be doing a post-graduate year at Tilton this fall, and he will be a welcome addition to their roster. Lester has shown great burst and acceleration with the dribble this week, lulling his defenders to sleep and then exploding by them. Not to mention, Lester is a very good shooter with an excellent stroke.


Hans Miersma, Whittinsville Christian- Miersma simply goes about his business at all times. He blocks and alters shots, rebounds, and can score out to 15 feet.