Hoop Mountain SWII - Thursday Recap

Ephraim McDowell | Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Hoop Mountain SWII - Thursday Recap

Hoop Mountain Super Week 2 wrapped up with its all-star game, awards ceremony, and dunk contest on Wednesday night, followed by the playoffs on Thursday morning. The week was a tremendous success, with most of the top players in New England choosing to stay close to home and attend Super Week 2. They were certainly rewarded by an impressive turnout of Division 1 coaches, from low major to BCS schools. Here’s how camp finished up:

All-Star Game

The all-star game deteriorated within the first ten minutes and quickly became a highlight reel dunk show, much to the delight of the crowd on hand. Ryan Canty was the standout, converting on 6 dunks, including one over a helpless defender on the break, who wisely avoided taking the charge. Others who looked good:

Tavon Allen, Worcester Academy- So good in transition, Allen had his head near the rim on a couple dunks. He is fun to watch when he is running up and down the court with the ball in his hands, making play after play.

Ryan Romich, Vermont Academy- Romich exhibited his hops when he caught a long alley oop pass from Tony Lester and finished with force. No one ever denied this kid’s leaping ability.

Kuran Iverson, Northwest Catholic- After a couple failed highlight reel dunk attempts, Iverson finally converted another pinpoint alley oop pass from Tony Lester with a reverse dunk.

Zach Auguste, New Hampton- Auguste had a few explosive drives and two-hand finishes. You can’t say enough about this kid’s mobility and ball skills at 6’9.

Maurice Taylor, Cambridge Rindge and Latin- While he didn’t have any rousing dunks, the youngster was solid in the all-star game, playing with confidence and attacking the rim from the wing.

Dunk Contest

Ryan Canty was the star of the dunk contest as well, winning the competition with a couple huge windmills and a dunk in which he put his elbow in the rim. Jordan Laguerre was sensational as well, doing a 360 dunk in the first round. The other standout was Jules Tavares, who threw one down after taking off from only a few steps inside the free throw line.

Championship Game

The championship game was a battle of two of the most talented teams in camp—one with future Choate teammates Phil Gaetano, Brandon Sherrod, and DeShawn Murphy. The other with the likes of Kuran Iverson, camp MVP Jordan Laguerre, Gabas Maldunas, and Cedric Kuakumensah.  The game was tight throughout, with both Gaetano and Laguerre doing a terrific job running the show for their respective teams. Laguerre even made three 3-pointers off the dribble with a hand in his face, showing off his much-improved stroke. Brandon Sherrod was an absolute terror in the paint, getting to the free throw line and doing great work on the offensive glass. Kuran Iverson started very slowly and appeared to be pressing, until he got it going a little bit in the second and third quarters by pushing the ball himself in transition. The other star for Iverson’s squad was Maldunas, who has played exceptionally all week. He has gone from under the radar to a Division 1 prospect, with his great footwork in the post, sneaky athleticism, and activity on the glass. Meanwhile, the unsung heroes for the Choate squad were Greg Langston and Gary Hall, who played well in their supporting roles all week long. Down the stretch, Gaetano and Laguerre made big plays. Gaetano used his quickness to draw fouls and make free throws. Laguerre pulled up and hit a game-tying three-pointer with 4 seconds left to send the game to overtime. In sudden death overtime, Gaetano orchestrated a play that is sure to happen with regularity at Choate this winter. Sherrod came up to set a high ball screen, and then slipped right to the rim. Gaetano zipped a pass to him off the dribble, which Sherrod caught and finished through contact. The and-1 ended the game, as Gaetano, Sherrod, and their teammates celebrated.

Camp Award Winners

MVP: Jordan Laguerre, New Hampton

Best Playmaker: Phil Gaetano, Choate Rosemary Hall

Mr. Stations: Mike Brusca, Landmark School

Mr. Hustle: Dan Giovacchini, Lawrence Academy

Mr. Defense: Jake Layman, King Phillip

Most Improved: Kevin Clark, Christian Heritage

All Stars

Jordan Laguerre, New Hampton
Drew Crudup, Hillhouse HS
Andrew Chrabascz, Cushing Academy
Brandon Sherrod, Choate Rosemary Hall
Joe Mussachia, Manchester HS
Dennis Clifford, Milton Academy
Marco Banegas, Brimmer and May
Jerome Harris, East Catholic HS
Scott King, Holderness
Blair Roberts, Trinity Pawling
Tarik Smith, St. Paul’s
Jaymie Spears, St. Mark’s
Tylon Smith, Kingswood Oxford
Graham Safford, Hampden HS
Tavon Allen, Worcester Academy
Dennis Levene, Choate Rosemary Hall
Ousmane Drame, Marianapolis
John Henault, St. Bernard’s
Derrick Millinghaus, Schenectady, NY
Jules Tavares, Wilbraham and Monson
Andrej Pajovic, Wilbraham and Monson
Samir McDaniels, New Mission
Phil Gaetano, Choate Rosemary Hall
Andre King, Suffield Academy
Tyler McFarland, Camden Hills
Eric Katenda, Cheshire Academy
Ryan Canty, Tilton
Maurice Taylor, Cambridge Rindge and Latin
Pat Ackerman, Worcester Academy
Jake Fay, Brimmer and May
Imoh Silas, Holderness
Kris Dunn, New London HS
Daouda Soumaro, Our Savior New American
C.J. Moss, Taft School
Galal Cancer, Christian Brothers Academy
Zach Auguste, New Hampton
Kuran Iverson, Northwest Catholic
Xavier Brahm, Wilbraham and Monson
Chris Sherwood, Brimmer and May
Cedric Kuakumensah, Worcester North
Tony Lester, Tilton
Ryan Romich, Vermont Academy