Hoop Mountain SWI - Day 1 Recap

by Brent Pelella | Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Hoop Mountain SWI - Day 1 Recap

Hoop Mountain kicked off the first of two annul Super Week camps on Thursday with a set of mid-day scrimmages, designed to evaluate this year’s talent. A trio of St. Andrew’s teammates were the first to standout in the early games with impressive ball movement and unquestionable chemistry. Henry Bolton managed the floor, while John Geary stood out with his outside shooting ability and Bonzie Colson established his high post presence early and often.

Jacquil Taylor, 2014 (Beaver Country Day) – He was a defensive force and got in the heads of opposing players because of it. While his low post offensive game is still a work in progress, he showed some improvement with a left hook and did a good job of passing out of the post to open shooters.

Bobby Ahearn, 2014 (Marianapolis Prep) – Ahearn is a hard working power forward who gets after it on the glass and finishes in traffic thanks to his standout strength and size.  He also ran the floor well and was one of the most consistent offensive performers all day.

Joe Connelly, 2013 (Beaver Country Day) – Connelly is a deadly shooter with height who can also get to the rim. Defensively he can guard anywhere from the point to small forward position, and cause havoc.

Matt Mobley, 2013 (Worcester Academy) – Mobley shined most when taking defenders to the rim off the dribble. One of the best athletes at camp, his finishing ability and rebounding showed that he has other dimensions to his game outside of just scoring.

Pol Olivier (Spain) – The wiry guard uses his athleticism and quickness to control the tempo of the game. He also has an outstanding ability to score the ball both inside and out.

Jeff Spellman, 2013 (Beaver Country Day) – Spellman’s offensive repertoire is impressive; he can shoot it from long range, take defenders to the rim and create opportunities for his teammates.

Jonathan Joseph, 2015 (Tilton) – Whether he continues to grow or not, Joseph is going to be an elite point guard because of his ability to penetrate and set up teammates for easy baskets around the rim.  He made a living today using his quick first-step to beat defenders off the dribble.

Brendan Hill, 2015 (Mansfield, Mass) – His knowledge of the game makes him a valuable asset whenever he is on the floor. Hill finishes well around the basket and can make opponents pay with his mid-range jumper.

Steven Young, 2014 (Boston College HS) – Young has a quick trigger and destroyed opponents from the outside. Defensively he works hard, and matched that effort on the other end of the floor by fearlessly driving to the rim.

Albert Vallverdu (Spain) – Another one of the several Spain products at camp, Albert excels in shooting from the outside. He has ideal shooting mechanics, a quick trigger, and is a deceptive athlete.

Honorable Mentions

Dominic Caputo, 2013 (Schalmontl, NY) – His skill set is highlighted by very good court vision and an outstanding physical presence on both ends of the floor.

Malcolm Smith, 2014 (Winchendon School) – Smith is a quick point guard with a shoot first mentality and a tremendous leaping ability.

Seamus Bell, 2013 (Winchendon School) – While not overly athletic, Bell has great footwork and plays with 100% intensity at all times. Using a textbook boxout, he was a nice presence on the glass for his team.

Terrence Mann, 2015 (Tilton School) – Mann is an athletic finisher with the ability to overpower defenders using his strength and size. He also is able to play above the rim utilizing his leaping ability.