Hoop Mountain SW2 - Day 2 AM Recap

by Christian Bradley | Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Hoop Mountain SW2 - Day 2 AM Recap

Super Week 2’s talent was on full display Monday morning, as several local star players continued to make a name for themselves, while a few new and exciting players were able to drum up some interest thanks to playing hard at all times and showing off their skills. Through challenging drills and several games today, here are some kids that are drawing attention:

Isaiah Nelsen, 2013 (North Andover) – Nelsen is one of the most talented players in camp thanks to an inside-out scoring presence and a toughness makes him a constant threat on the offensive glass. He’s been scoring a lot in the low post, but has also had a lot of success in taking defenders to the rim off the dribble.

Trevor Glassman, 2013 (New Hampton) – Trever caught immediate attention because of his play in the morning session, which included a huge jumper to give his team a last-second victory. Glassman plays a tough brand of basketball that includes a constant presence on the glass, an intense demeanor on defense, and a certain craftiness that helps him to get into the paint.

Dustin Cole, 2014 (Bonney Eagle) – A smooth scorer who can hit jumpshots on a dime from anywhere on the floor, Dustin has made his team offense go so far at camp. His athleticism doesn’t get talked about as much, but he does a great job of using his quickness by getting to the rim and defending.

Joe Flannery, 2013 (Taft) – Adding strength really has brought Flannery’s game to a new level. He has a very strong outside jumper, but also has no problem attacking the paint and finishing through contact. Defensively, he more than holds his own against guards or forwards.

Malique McLaren, 2014 (Winchendon) – McLaren has grown a little bit and with that size has come a fearless aggressiveness in the open floor. That extra size that he now has, to go along with his quickness, has given him the ability to defend both guard positions.

Rocco Laguelle, 2013 (Cohasset) – He does a great job of moving without the ball and scored many of his points off of quick back cuts going to the hoop. Also a capable mid-range shooter, he was one of the better scorers on his team all morning.

Justin Nolan, 2013 (Bridgton Academy) – A 6’4 wing player, Nolan’s game is all about running the floor on the fast break and getting good looks at the rim as a result. He has a lot of potential and could make himself into a strong wing player if he continues to work out and improves his ball handling.

Devon Williams, 2013 (Thayer Academy) - Tough finisher who has been really standing out by taking defenders to the rim and playing with toughness on defense. He has a sufficient jumpshot, and so far Devon has been one of the standout players at camp.

Misi Boye Mubiala (Jeanne-Mance, Canada) – Misi is one of the better playmaking point guards at the whole camp. He really excels on the fast break, he throws creative passes on point on the break and more often than not gets a nice assist out of it.

Evan Lerner, 2014 (Hopedale) – Lerner is a 6’5 forward who also has some guard skills. He finishes inside, rebounds, and runs the floor well, and as he continues to develop his outside jumper and ball handling he will make himself a strong college prospect.

Bolaji Ekhator, 2014 (St. Mark’s) – He’s strong, he plays with high intensity, and has no fear of drawing contact and throwing his body around. Improving his athleticism and shot are a must, but he has one heck of a base to build off of.

Kendrick Ellison, 2014 (Cambridge Latin) – Ellison still has a long way to go as a prospect, but his understanding of the game could take him far. Running the floor is where he excels, and playing with a point guard like Malique McLaren has given Kendrick the opportunity to show what he can do with the ball in his hands.

Ryan Brown, 2015 (Bedford) – Though just a sophomore-to-be, Ryan has one of the best-looking outside strokes at camp. He has a high basketball IQ, as clearly displayed by how well he runs lanes and picks his shots, but he also has been quite an aggressive rebounder.

Stephen Edmonds, 2013 (Marianapolis) – Edmonds is a sufficient finisher at guard, but he also has the ability to create for teammates and play good defense when he wants to. Defensively, when he gets after it he’s as tough to score on as anybody at the whole event.

Miguel Malu (Jeanne-Mance, Canada) – Another Canadian prospect who is making a strong showing at camp, Malu is a selfless guard who loves creating for others. He has quick hands and feet on defense, and he’s been pestering opposing offensive players constantly.

Jay Carleton, 2012 (Mill River Union) – A tough player who makes shots and has many different crafty moves, Jay stood out early-on today because of his skillset. He scored on mid-range to outside jumpers, on runners and floaters going to the rim, and off of offensive rebounds inside.