Hoop Group Top 100 – Event Recap

New England Recruiting Report | Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Hoop Group Top 100 – Event Recap

The New England Recruiting Report was in Boston on Saturday and our first stop was the Hoop Group’s Top 100 Showcase. 

Top Performers

Tylon Smith Jr. – The Kingswood Oxford guard did it all in his first game of the day.  He got to the rim early in the contest, attacking aggressively and finishing in a couple of different ways.  Later he began to show his three-point stroke.  He also got in the mix defensively as he jumped into passing lanes and even intercepted an inbounds pass for an easy lay-up. 

Latif Rivers – Of all the upperclassmen in attendance, the Avon Old Farms post-graduate was probably the best overall prospect.  He was very aggressive offensively throughout the day attacking the rim hard, showing his patented spin move in the lane, making jumpers from the perimeter, and finding teammates for a couple of easy baskets. 

Demir Smajovic – The Vermont senior finally put all the pieces together in an exposure type setting and had the best outing we’ve ever seen from him.  He showed his smooth stroke from behind the three-point line, slashed to the rim along the baseline, and finished against contact in transition.  He also had the day’s best blocked shot when he threw Rivers’ breakaway lay-up back at him. 

Best of the Rest

Dan Brooks – Slashed and finished to his left side and made enough open jumpers to keep the defense honest. 

Andrew Chrabascz – Relentless competitor with terrific footwork.  Expanding game to perimeter and might have grown since summer. 

Harrison Taggart – Used dribble and length to create own shot.  Second Vermonter who represented home state well. 

Mario Monroe – Improved motor is carry over from summer but expanded shooting range is a new addition to his game. 

Kyle Umemba – Has undeniable tools and continues to show high upside that he demonstrated this summer. 

Steve Wynn – We knew he was the consummate playmaker off the dribble but his consistent three ball is an important development. 

Akosa Maduegbunam – First look at Charlestown sophomore left us impressed with physique, athleticism, and long term potential. 

Kyle Reardon – Strong bodied forward with a picture perfect stroke.  Made a lot of shots in his afternoon game. 

John Powell – He’s definitely a guy to keep an eye on as he’s shot up to six-foot-five, moves well, knows how to post, and can face the basket. 

Colby Smith – A growth spurt away from being a prospect, this guy made defenders pay for going under screens and got his teammates shots. 

Wayne Selden – The strong bodied forward was 2013’s leading prospect today although guys like Caleb Joseph, Dimitri Floras, and Jacquille Taylor showed potential in their own right.