Frosh/Soph Best of the Rest pt. 2

NERR Staff | Tuesday, September 26th, 2023

Frosh/Soph Best of the Rest pt. 2

In the ever-evolving landscape of high school basketball, it's not uncommon for exceptional underclassmen to sometimes fly under the radar in the midst of a vast talent pool. However, the revival of the Elite 75 Frosh/Soph showcase, after its hiatus since 2019, has brought to the forefront a new generation of young hoopers. In this article, we aim to shed light on some outstanding underclassmen who may have been overlooked in the midst of a large and competitive field, highlighting their potential and the impact they are poised to make.

Hunter Berry comes from Wachusett High School and plays on the Middlesex Magic program in the off season. He is a shifty combo guard with great ball skills. Berry has good burst and change of pace that gets him by most defenders. Got to the rim numerous times throughout the day and showed exceptional range from deep. Dangerous three point shooter when he gets going.

JJ Galvan is an impressive young freshman prospect known for his excellent control of the game's pace and tempo. He showcases exceptional court vision by keeping his head up, facilitating ball movement, and contributing on the defensive side of the court. Galvan's well-rounded skills and basketball IQ make him a promising talent to watch in his early career.

Cameron Doherty from Wachusett High School showed some skilled basketball plays throughout the showcase. Doherty has exceptional range and nice release on his three off the catch and bounce. We liked the way he looks to crash the boards on most attempts and get his hands on a lot of balls. He’s not afraid to play physical and has good size and strength from the guard spot. 

Hayden Krause is a shooter from St. Mark's and is a real athlete, in every sense of the word. He beats just about everyone up and down the court, always getting to where he is needed. He knocks down shots and locks down tough ball-handlers. 

Jakare Innocent, a 2027 prospect at St. Mark’s via Taunton, excels at creating scoring opportunities with his diverse array of ball-handling moves. He demonstrates the ability to effectively navigate on the court to reach his spots. Innocent's versatility shines through as he converts three-point shots, distributes the ball to teammates, and showcases athleticism. 

Keene HS 2026 6’0” combo guard Jamal Stanley is a do-it-all player on both the offensive and defensive end. He has great control of the ball, using hesitations and other moves to create space for jump shots, which he consistently knocks down.

Aiden Smith, a 2026 prospect at Tabor with Dartmouth roots, stands out as a versatile guard known for his scoring ability from various positions on the court. Beyond his scoring skills, Smith also exhibits strong court awareness, effectively directing traffic, and creating opportunities for his teammates.

Xavier HS 2026 6’5” forward Pearce Goodison consistently makes the right decisions on drives, reading the defense well and making plays accordingly. He poses a threat when he catches the ball, and also executes the pick-and-roll well. 

Loshun Roman of Hillhouse is a highly intriguing, yet under-the-radar prospect. He stands out as a long and agile wing player, known for his impressive slashing skills on offense. Roman's ability to change pace with his ball-handling and his craftiness with the ball make him a promising talent and one to monitor. 

Ryan Moesch is a smooth athletic lefty gym rat with a sweet jumper and incredibly crafty handles. His ability to finish acrobatically around the rim really makes him stand out. He controls the ball with composure, making plays at his own tempo.

Xavier Goode is a dynamic scoring guard recognized for his agility and quick moves that allow him to maneuver around defenders and execute at the basket. His ball-handling skills are notably precise, and he possesses the ability to capitalize on stepback opportunities in the mid-range game.