Elite 75 – Underclassmen

New England Recruiting Report | Monday, July 11th, 2011

Elite 75 – Underclassmen

While upper classmen are typically top priority each summer, the underclassmen just might have stolen the show at this year’s New England Elite 75 Showcase.  Here’s a look at who impressed: 

Noah Vonleh – Vonleh is gradually growing into his body and becoming more explosive as a result.  His physical tools were off the charts in the athletic testing while increasing explosiveness allowed to throw down some dunks in traffic once the game started. 

Jared Terrell – He did what he does best, and that’s attack the basket and put immediate pressure on the defense.  He’s virtually unstoppable in the open floor and is so physically strong that he can carry defenders on his back all the way to the rim. 

Cane Broome – Still slight of build, Broome has the skills and physical tools to score around or over a variety of different dized defenders.  Quickness is a constant theme in his ability to score points, ranging from the release on his jumper to the bounce of his feet around the rim. 

Jake Fay – His upside is undeniable with size, bounce, and a dagger jumper.  The fact that he can get his shot off whenever he wants only makes him that much more dangerous.  Those skills came to the forefront early in the day and remain at the center of his long term potential. 

Jacquil Taylor – Taylor’s escalation has been a steady process over the last few months.  He’s another guy who has long since possessed undeniable physical tools with his size and mobility.  He’s developed his low post face-up game into a legit weapon now and is starting to play more assertive inside the paint. 

Matt Cimino – The level of his play has steadily risen over the last month and he had another solid showing at the Elite 75.  Best known for his face-up skills, Cimino continued to thrive on the perimeter but also showed an improving presence on the post, utilizing his turnaround jumper as his go-to move.

Jared Wilson-Frame - He showed the full level of his scoring arsenal, mixing in long balls from the perimeter with dribble pull-ups.  Also dangerous with his jumper, Wilson-Frame can absorb contact en route to the rim beyond most his age. 

Cornelius Tyson – When he plays within himself and keeps the game simple, there are few young point guards with as much natural talent.  Tyson did a good job of that on Sunday, feeding the post and whipping the ball around while showing his individual offense in timely spots. 

Kamari Robinson – Robinson’s athleticism has always been his calling card but his Elite 75 performance followed up on his work at Elite 75 to show a wing with good size and tremendous bounce.  He flourished in the open floor and even rose up for pull-ups with touch. 

Breakout Performances

Abdul-Malik Abu – His first division I offer was a big one last week as Iowa State came calling.  Today, he undoubtedly attracted more attention as his combination of size, power, and athleticism proved to be too much for most to handle inside the paint. 

Samuel Dingba – His physical tools and shot-blocking prowess were already well documented, and while those attributes continued to serve him well today, it was the evolvement of his offensive tools that were most intrigue as he made mid-range pull-ups, showed a sound shot-fake, and even finished one play with a Dr. J style finger roll. 

Pete Miller – It was a very solid performance for the future NMH big man.  His touch and dexterity stood out in post breakdowns to start the day and his impact continued as the day progressed as he showed an increasing motor on the glass and defensive end.   

Quincey Mcknight – Flat out talent tends to rise to the top when you put a bunch of good players in one gym and McKnight’s certainly did as he stood out as one of the top up and coming young guards at the event.  He made a variety of plays in the open court, showing instincts and floor vision to match his creativity. 

Making the Most of the Opportunity

Some players arrived at Holyoke Community College just looking for a chance to play.  When late scratches to the roster provided opportunities to enter the field, all five of these guys seized the moment:

Will Defanti utilized his power to play through contact driving to the rim while also making a fair share of shots and setting up his teammates. 

Winston Morgan shot the ball extremely well, off both the catch and the dribble, while also showing an ability to play against pressure. 

•  Jaelin Robinson finished the Athletic Standard testing as the top overall athlete in the field and walked away having made a name for himself

Adrian Oliveira continued his strong play as of late, playing the part of a poor man's Anthony Ireland with his feel for the game and presence at the point.   

Mike Auger's upside was the highest as he has a big and strong body to go along with good athleticism and a deceptive face-up skill set.


For more information on the athletic testing done at the Elite 75 please visit www.AthleticStandard.com