Elite 75 - The Wings

New England Recruiting Report | Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Elite 75 - The Wings

There might not have been a more naturally talented prospect in the gym than Kuran Iverson at Friday’s 7th annual New England Elite 75 Showcase.  

The Connecticut native was coming off rave reviews at both the NBA Top 100 Camp as well as the Kevin Durant Skills Academy and kept his stock heading in the right direction with another solid day of work in Lowell.  There was one sequence in particular which showcased his unique blend of talent as he attack the rim for hard dunks on three straight possessions.  

When he’s locked in from start to finish, Iverson, is one of the nation’s elite players who “oozes Tracy McGrady type fumes” according NERR’s A.J. Stokes.  While Iverson’s talent was certainly the big story among the wings, it surely wasn’t the only one.  Here’s a look at some of the other top performers and stock risers the position had to offer.  

Other Top Performances

Jared Wilson-Frame – The big, powerful guard got it rolling once 5 on 5 play started, scoring the ball both inside and out.  Wilson-Frame was able to get confidence by bulling himself to the rim early and then started raining in long balls with regularity.  Consistent performances of this level should cause a serious uptick in Wilson-Frame’s recruitment.

Idris Taqqee – His performance wasn’t necessarily loud or showy, but it was full of production.  He got all over the glass for easy treats at the dish while also displaying his ability to use his combination of length, quickness, and instincts to guard multiple positions on the defensive end.  

Damion Smith - The wiry speed-merchant wing did all the little things for his squad, guarding out on the perimeter, crashing down on the boards with authority from the wing, and getting buckets in transition and on the offensive glass.

Quincey McKnight – He got an opportunity to show what he could do with the ball in his hands and he didn’t disappoint as he scored the ball consistently in transition as well as from the wing, doing an especially good job of getting out to run his lanes and put immediate pressure on the defense.  

• Jason Boswell continued to show the steady evolution of his perimeter game while also throwing down a couple of hard dunks at the rim.  

Maurice Taylor made positive things happen by keeping it simple and letting his length and athleticism do the heavy lifting.  

Ben Engvall punished the defense for any undisciplined behavior, knocking down open 3’s while also attacking the rim in transition.  

Colin Pascoe’s day followed a similar pattern as he showed a dependable long-range stroke with the ability to fill lanes and finish in transition.  

• It seems Jake Fay has grown up on the circuit and in his final Elite 75 the rising senior showed the length, athleticism & shot-making that has him heading to the Atlantic 10.  

Three Stock Risers

Kamali Bey – He really seems to have found his way, in terms of playing the role on the floor which makes him most effective.  He’s gotten himself into great playing shape and went to work with his crafty dribble drive game, getting into the paint and then finishing at the rim.  

Austin Carter – The Master’s forward flies a little under the local radar because he plays on the EYBL circuit with the New York Lightning, but every time we looked over to his court on Friday, he seemed to be doing something positive on the floor while playing a perimeter oriented game.  

Kurt Steidl – The rising senior forward from Ridgefield had a terrific day at the office, continuing to show off a perimeter skill set that gets better by the week and then standing out with his motor and offensive rebounding later in the day when fatigue had started to impact most others.  

Young Guns

Bruce Brown – A six-foot-three scoring guard who boasts explosive athleticism, Brown proved to be a highlight reel waiting to happen from morning until night.  He viciously attacked the rim, throwing down hard dunks to complete dribble drives and following up on offensive rebounds alike while showing undeniable potential for the future.  

Terrence Mann – He’s got the look and feel of a guy who is on the verge of a national style breakout.  He possesses all the physical requisites to take his game to high levels while also having a good foundation for the game both in terms of his skill set and basketball I.Q.  

John Witkowski – The Tilton forward seized an opportunity on Friday, stepping in and proving he could hold his own with the big guys.  Witkowski is a forward with size and skill who has the potential to play multiple positions down the road.