#E75 Frosh/Soph - Best of the 2022 Guards

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Dasonte Bowen 2022

Last weekend’s Elite 75 Frosh/Soph showcased the best young prospects from New England and beyond with over 300 players making their way to either Saturday’s North Session or Sunday’s South session. 

By the time it was all said and done we had seen an incredible amount of young talent come through the doors. The process of recapping all of that talent began last week as the new regional format allowed us to better evaluate, and ultimately recognize, a wider crop of prospects. 

After previously breaking down the big men, forwards, and wings, today we’ll start to focus on the guards, but we’ll start with the sophomores as there were simply too many to mention in just one write-up. 

First up, here’s a look at some of the true point guards that stood out:

Dasonte Bowen, Worcester Academy - He’s not just the best point guard in New England’s sophomore class, but he’s als one of the best long-term prospects. Bowen has good positional size, vision, and instinctive feel for the game. He’s also just beginning to assert himself, still evolving physically, and becoming a more consistent shooter so his best basketball is still in front of him. 

Rowan Brumbaugh, NMH - A budding pure point guard whose game is all substance, Brumbaugh isn’t the flashiest point guard of the bunch, but he’s among the most efficient. He has a terrific early I.Q. for the game, an advanced understanding of the position and how to play pick-and-roll, as well as plenty of physical upside as he keeps filling out his frame. 

Tony Felder, Malden Catholic - A classic undersized point guard with a big presence, Felder imposes his will on the game from the moment he steps on the floor. He has great command of the basketball and also a terrific mix of creativity, vision, shift, and natural instincts as a playmaker. 

Amari Howell, Braintree - A flat-out winner loaded with intangibles and leadership qualities, Howell is a true floor general who runs the show from start to finish. He’s quick on both ends, a terrific on-ball defender, and heady offensive player who reads the floor well and manages the game. 

Ryan Svendsen, Arlington Catholic - A long, downhill guard who gets into the lane and to the rim at will, Svedsen makes plays for both himself and others while in attack mode and was one of the best dribble-drive guards in the North session.

  • Aaron Newcomb, Brewer - high I.Q. true point guard but also a pitbull of a defender who differentiates himself on that end  
  • Xavier McKenzie, Central Catholic - little undersized but plays hard, handles, gets to the rim, and controls game
  • Brady Coyne, Falmouth - cut from the same cloth as his older brothers - tough, physical, and high IQ - just starting to fill out and grow into his body
  • Taeshaun Sanchez, Derby - undersized but very tough to stay in front of. Playmaker who gets into the lane and has an excellent floater game 
  • Joseph McCray, Newtown - made an impression with his motor as he brought energy on both ends of the floor
  • Jonathan Inozil, New Heights Charts - compact, strong, and quick lead guard with good vision, playmaking ability, and on-ball defense 
  • Kyle Monahan, Maynard - cerebral and heady with a high I.Q. and shifty attack, Monahan caught our eye with a solid showing on Saturday


Scoring Guards

Kyle Hicks, New Hampton - Hicks is both dominant in his age group now and yet still loaded with upside. He has all the physical measurables with good size, broad shoulders, long arms, and plenty of athletic pop to his body. He attacks and gets to the rim at will but also has a clean release on his jumper that should continue to emerge in the coming years. 

Mark Armstrong, St. Peter’s Prep - As smooth of a playmaking guard as there was in the field, Armstrong virtually glides on the floor. He’s already a scoring threat at all three levels who can shoot it off the catch or the dribble, has good speed with the ball, and a good natural feel while in attack mode. 

Torran Bosworth, Tilton - The southpaw had a breakout performance over the weekend showing off the full versatility of his arsenal. He was skilled with both his handle and his jumper, making plays off the bounce and shots from behind the arc. 

Tayeshawn Cunningham-Pemberton, New London - A local product who impressed on Sunday, he has an emerging frame with a particularly strong lower body, good shift with the ball, a playmaking mentality on both ends, and an impressive pull-up game. 

  • Matthew Gibbs, Hillhouse - was able to create his own shot at all three levels and looks poised to play significant minutes for Hillhouse this year 
  • Ashton Sannasi, Holy Cross - sneaky scorer who is very crafty with the ball and around the rim with his ability to finish inside
  • Jared Flaks, Avon Old Farms - energizer bunny type with constant motor and attacking mentality along with shooting range to three 
  • Brendan McNamara, Nobles - well-known product at a young age, scores it in different ways and improving all aspects of his game 
  • Jaeden Greenleaf, Cape Code Academy - coming off big high school season, he’s savvy off the dribble with ability to work his way into seams of a defense



Will Batchelder, Governor’s Academy - Coming off a breakout summer which culminated with his first two division I offers, Bachelder solidified his place among the top 2022 guards in the region this weekend. He may be undersized but he shoots it, plays with pace, has an IQ, competes, and shows the vision to potentially transition into more of a point guard. 

Joey Thomas, Sci-Tech - A budding big guard with great size and the potential to play multiple perimeter positions, Thomas’ best upside could be as a big lead guard as he sees the floor extremely well, shows high-level flashes and is just starting to scratch the surface of his potential. 

Avery Brown, NMH - A physically gifted lead guard in the making, Brown is quick and athletic with a good frame. He’s just beginning to fill out but he has broad shoulders, a good first step, and lift at the rim. His stroke, floor vision, and decision-making are works in progress but making steady progress. 

Tyrell Staples-Santos - A lanky but smooth guard with a solid foundation of skill and playmaking ability, Staples-Santos is the type of guy whose game is going to go to another level once his body catches up to his tools with the ball in his hands 

  • Christian Abrams, Thayer - big bodied guard was smooth and efficient as both a passer and shooter, son of former BC star Danya Abrams
  • Ta-Jae Jenkins, St. Thomas More - high-energy & high-motor with strong body, tight handle, and ability to pressure the ball defensively for length of the court
  • Jordan Clayton, Lexington Christian - good athlete and active defender with a solid IQ for the game and skill set to make open shots & rim finishes
  • James Morakis, St. Paul’s - big bodied combo-guard who uses size and strength to get into lane to both sides & see over the defense 
  • Cole Wissink, Cheshire Academy - budding big guard with a strong body, driving game, and advanced perimeter footwork at a young age 



Darrel Yepdo, Brooks - He’s been an ascending name for the better part of the last year, and specifically for the last few months. Yepdo plays with pace, is really good with the ball in his hands, and is making consistent strides with his ability to make shots. 

Deven Austin, Wilbraham & Monson - A year ago we said he was a growth spurt away from being a serious prospect. Well that growth spurt has since happened as Austin is now approaching 6-foot-4 and coming on fast. He’s still skilled and smooth with good length, passing acumen, and finishing touch around the rim. 

Damani Barley, East Rochester - Definitely one to watch as he fills out his frame and grows into his body, Barley has good size and length, a lot of shake off the dribble, the ability to make threes in bunches, and a college ready floater game. He also showed some ability to see the floor and make plays for others. 

  • Tate Matte, Proctor Academy - fundamentally sound, smart and skilled player who looks poised to prove his worth against increased competition this year
  • Rhodia Perry, Science & Technology - local product with a pretty stroke from downtown, Perry also had good vision & made a variety of plays on the day
  • Aidan Lamothe, Stamford - reported gym rat who played with intensity on both ends of the ball, Lamothe made crafty drives, mid-range pull-ups, and deep threes alike 
  • Connor Strickland, BC HS - come a long way in the last year and should be poised to take on much bigger responsibilities during the high school season
  • Ben Bochicchio, Canterbury - fundamentally sound and skilled with the ability to make shots, Bochicchio is a good long-term prospect 
  • James Kastanin, Needham - two-guard with good early size, vision, and a game that translates well to offensive structure 
  • Alexis DelGuidice, Prout - great poise and decision making, gets to the paint for easy buckets. Pure point guard and great on ball defender.



Darryl Simmons, Putnam Science - What he may lack in size, he more than makes up for with skill. Simmons isn’t just a shooter, but he’s good with the ball across the board and quick on both ends. He can shake you off the dribble and excels at making tough pull-ups from various ranges. 

Jack Johnson, Choate - He shoots it and has good perimeter size but his overall basketball I.Q. may be the most impressive part of his game as he is fundamentally sound at all times and just very smart operating on the offensive end of the floor. 

Johnny McCain, Trumbull - A shooter with very deep range, McCain is a threat to pull-up at virtually anytime. He wasn’t just a one-trick pony though as he could create his own looks with stop-n-go moves off the dribble, had a floater game, and moved very well without the ball. 

Ty Higgins, Vermont Academy - He makes his living from behind the arc, not just with open spot-up threes but with tough shots on the move. There’s also a maturity about his game as he knows exactly who he is as a player, embraces his role, and doesn’t try to do things outside of his comfort zone. 

Richie Shahtanian, Andover - Just a lights out shooter, Shahatanian seems to take his game to new levels every time we see him. Reportedly a gym rat with a terrific work-ethic, he’s clearly reaping the rewards as his special skill gives him a niche even when competing against bigger and more explosive competition

  • Andrew Ciaglo, Hopkins Academy - deep range off both the catch and the dribble with high I.Q. despite lack of current size
  • Sean Seymour, Wilbraham & Monson - still growing and already makes shots at a high clip, Seymour is one to keep a close eye on moving forward
  • Daniel Becil, Worcester Academy - New York native in first year in New England prep ranks definitely makes shots but is skilled across the board
  • Miles Drake, Darien - Started to make a name for himself not just with his shooting and deep range but also with his motor, vision, and IQ
  • Dimetri Iafrate, LaSalle - Knocks down threes, has an advanced finishing package, good floor vision, & is aggressive on the defensive end as well
  • Travis Cobain, Wheeler - Combo with clean release who made shots throughout the day and was good with the ball across the board